The Newberry Library Romance & Epic Seminar




October 11, 2008
Barbara Fuchs, University of Pennsylvania, “Juegos and Jinetes: Romance and Material Culture in the Guerras civiles de Granada (1595)”


March 22, 2008
Leslie Zarker Morgan, Loyola College, Baltimore, “The Importance of Fifteenth -Century Franco-Italian Romance Epic”


October 20, 2007
John Watkins, University of Minnesota, “Drinking from Your Father's Skull:  The Medieval Prehistory of Renaissance Dynastic Marriage.”

September 30, 2006
William Flesch, Brandeis University, “‘Perhaps’: Narrator and Narratee in Paradise Lost

October 29, 2005
Patrick Cheney, Pennsylvania State University, “Did Shakespeare Write Epic?”

April 16, 2005
Valeria Finucci, Duke University, “Of Women and War: Moderata Fonte’s Thirteen Cantos of Floridoro and the Seduction of Chivalric Romances”

September  18, 2004
Gordon Teskey, Harvard University, “Thought and Thinking in The Faerie Queene

April 17, 2004
Jonathan Goldberg, The Johns Hopkins University, “The 1590 Faerie Queene in the History of Sexuality

September 20, 2003
Heather James, University of Southern California, “An Aethiopian Sodomite in Ariosto's Orlando furioso

April 12, 2003
Daniel Javitch, New York University, “The Specter of Romance in Sixteenth-Century Epic Theory”

April 6, 2002
Michael Murrin, University of Chicago,  “Romance Images of the Indian Ocean before the Portuguese Discovery: Huon of Bordeaux and Others”
October 20, 2001
Paul Alpers, University of California at Berkeley, “Ovid and Spenser's Faerie Queene
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April 6, 2001
Mihoko Suzuki, University of Miami, “Classical Epic and Early Modern Political Thought in Shakespeare's First TetralogyClick for pictures
October 28, 2000
Charles Ross, Purdue University, “Spenser, Consideration, and the Law of Fraudulent Conveyance in The Faerie Queene and The View of Ireland

April 29, 2000
David Quint, Yale University, “Fear of Falling: A Lucretian Epic Motif Virgil to Tasso to Milton” Click for pictures
October 23, 1999
Elizabeth Fowler, University of Virginia, “Disposition”
April 24, 1999
Patricia Parker, Stanford University, “The Romance of Empire: A Midsummer Night's Dream

October 24, 1998
Allen Mandelbaum, Wake Forest University, “Gates of Horn, Gates of Ivory” 
April 18, 1998
Harry Berger, Jr., University of Santa Cruz, "Revisiting Cissie and Flossie and Other Choice Bits of Gynophobia in Spenser's Faerie Queene"