English 262 Greek and Roman Literature

HEAV 101 1-3:10 M-F July 16 – August 8, 2003 MOD 3


Professor Charles Ross




Texts available at Von’s Bookstore


  • Homer, The Iliad, translated by Robert Fitzgerald. New York: Anchor Books, 1974


  • The Metamorphoses of Ovid, translated Allen Mandelbaum. New York: Harcourt, 1993


  • Various handouts, including pages from Aristotle’s Poetics and the first lines of Homer in various versions.


Class schedule:


We will spend two weeks on Homer and then two weeks on Ovid.




  • Four-page paper on a theme from the Iliad, due Monday July 21 before class. -- 20%
  • Hour exam on the Iliad, Friday July 25 -- 25%
  • Six-page paper on a motif from Ovid’s Metamorphosis, due Monday, August 4 30 %
  • Hour exam on the Metamorphoses, Friday August 8. 25 %
  • Class presentations as assigned. Not graded.


Plagiarism: Uncited use of someone else’s work, including uncited information from the internet, is against Purdue’s academic policy. Students who violate this policy will be asked to leave the course.


Attendance: Absences will be excused with a note from home. The second unexcused absence will lower the grade one level. Two unexcused absences: students will be dropped from the class roster. This is a discussion course and you are expected to attend all classes. Be on time, but do not skip class just because you are late.


Purpose of the Course: This course is designed introduce students to the theory of literature by way of two classical texts. It is a writing intensive course, and students are encouraged to attend to suggestions on writing papers and to consult with the instructor freely, either in person or by email.