English 27600 Shakespeare on Film Course Downloads

Professor Charles Ross

Purdue University


Course Syllabus

Class Movie (let me know if your name is missing)


Scanning the Verse PowerPoint

Sample DVD for class project


Taming of the Shrew

·        Complete Taming of the Shrew Notes in Word (more than you need to know)

·        PowerPoint on Taming actions, Zeffirelli, “softening” the distasteful taming theme (what you need to know).



Some notes on Hamlet (maybe more than you heard in class, and less; just a few extras)


Hints on writing a comparison paper (examples from Much Ado About Nothing): thesis statement, paragraphs.


Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing PowerPoint on Comedy


Horses in Shakespeare on Film PowerPoint


Romeo and Juliet

Portents in Romeo and Juliet

Scene-by-scene suggestions for “action statements


Richard III

            Olivier v. McKellan

            Richard III complete notes (more than you need to know, but useful)

            PowerPoint summary of plot and scene “action”



            PowerPoint overview (includes slides shown in class and a few others)

Some of my own Macbeth notes (includes a sample paper on the witches that we did have time for in class and focuses on the concept of moral action, which we did not stress that much in class).