English 230—Great Narratives

Professor Charles Ross cross@purdue.edu

HEAV 126  TTH 4:30-5:45


Office: HEAV 304A; hours, Tuesday 1-4:00 or by appointment anytime.


Books are available at Von’s Bookstore:





August 24: Odyssey 1

August 26: Odyssey, 2-4


August 31: Odyssey, 5-8

September 2: Odyssey, 9-12


September 7: Odyssey, 13-18

September 9: Odyssey, 19-24


September 14: Exam

September 16: Orlando Innamorato 1: Arthurian Romance


September 21: Orlando Innamorato 2-5: Orlando’s Odyssey

September 23: Orlando Innamorato 6-9: The Custom of Castle Cruel


September 28: Orlando Innamorato 10-13: The Evil King of Baghdad

September 30: Orlando Innamorato 14-20: The Fortunes of War


October 5: Orlando Innamorato 21-29: Fraternal Strife

October 7: Orlando Innamorato, book 2, cantos 1-5, 14, book 3, cantos 5 and 9


October 14: Exam


October 19: The Princess of Cleves

October 21: The Princess of Cleves


October 26: The Princess of Cleves

October 28: Sense and Sensibility


November 2: Sense and Sensibility

November 4: Sense and Sensibility


November 9: Exam

November 11: Great Expectations                 


November 16: Great Expectations

November 18: Great Expectations


November 23: Swann’s Way


November 30:  Swann’s Way

December 2: Pale Fire


December 7: Pale Fire

December 9: Pale Fire


December ??    Final



In addition to the four exams, you will write two 5-page comparative papers. Each assignment is worth 20 points. I won’t count your lowest grade. Two points will be deducted for each unexcused absence. You are expected to follow Purdue’s policy on academic integrity.



The first paper will be a comparison of a character or theme from the Odyssey and the Innamorato. It will be due October 19. It can be rewritten for a new grade. The second paper will be a comparison of a character or theme from any two of the remaining novels. It is due December 9.


Please bring in a printed question or observation, with your name on the paper, every day of class—this will serve as a quiz, basis of class discussion, and spur to keep you current with the reading. I may email you a suggest a topic I want you to think about.