Objectives for the Robotics Seminar




 Learn some of the terms of current research topics in robotics and related fields

 Apply these terms to a given application and discuss their importance

 Analyze the relative importance of these coexistent aspects


Robotics and Related Fields


 Hear perspectives on research and applications from local, national, and international scholars and implementers.

 Meet with and talk to faculty and students interested in Robotics, Mechatronics, and IoT.

 Learn to parse theoretical work you may not fully understand, to see the applications potential and how it applies to your interests.

 This seminar series takes a broad view on the definition of robotics. It includes aspects of control, AI, planning, real-time systems, software engineering, internet of things, human/machine interaction, sensors and many other fields.

 Understand that, for this class, robotics means the intelligent combination of perception, cognition, and actuation. That is the essential nature of robotics. It is a bridge between the cyber and the physical worlds.





Robotics Seminar

A Seminar Series presented by the Purdue Robotics Accelerator