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Sustainable Precision Animal Agriculture

The Collaborative Robotics Lab is engaged in a variety of projects investigating the sustainability, safety, efficiency, and productivity of animal agriculture and its impacts on global health and well-being. Through support from the National Science Foundation, US Department of Agriculture, NSF RoSe-HuB Center, and supporting companies and through collaborations with ECE, ME, Animal Science, Penn State University, and Virginia Tech, we are exploring the farm ecosystem and its far-reaching impacts on global climate, the soil microbiome, water and land use, and the economy of the family farm.

New Class on Cyber-Animal Systems!! "Technology-Enhanced Animal Welfare"

Sustainable Precision Dairy Ag

CPS - Closed Loop Precision Animal Agriculture

Under USDA grant 2018-67007-28439, Purdue is leading a CPS project on Closed-Loop Precision Animal Agriculture for Global Sustainability. Sustainable Precision Animal Ag

NRI - RUMENS: Rumen Understanding through Millipede-Engineered Navigation and Sensing

Under USDA grant 2019-67021-28990, Purdue is particiating on an NRI project on Rumen Understanding through Millipede-Engineered Navigation and Sensing (RUMENS).

RumenNet - 3-Layer CPS Reference Architecture for the Connected Cow

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A primary goal of USDA/NIFA CPS grant, Closed-Loop Precision Animal Agriculture for Global Sustainability, is the development of a CPS reference architecture to return to the individualized care offered by the traditional family farm. We are developing a 3-layer network, from edge to cloud, that gathers data from inside the animals themselves and centralizes it in the cloud for intelligent access. Along the way, the data is processed through the series of network layers and analytics to extract individual-, herd-, and farm-level data for farmers to act on. This enhances farm productivity, animal health and safety, as well as animal welfare and anxiety, which is known to positively feedback into productivity and health.

Sustainable 3-Layer CPS Network

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RumenComm - Biosafe Communications via Body Area Networks for Animals

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RumenNet is dependent on RumenComm for the bottom layer of the network. This is a dedicated Wireless Body Sensor Network research effort to better understand the electromagnetic characteristics of the cow and to use that information to better design a safe, low-power method of edge data extraction from in vivo sensors.

Body Sensor Network

RumenScope - Database of Electro-Magneto-Spatio-Dynamics of the Connected Cow


RumenStealth - Authentication-Free Security via Semi-Supervised Rogue Software Detection

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RumenSense - Bio-Compatible Sensors for Animal Health, Welfare and Productivity

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RUMENSoft - Soft Robotics for in vivo Gathering of Individualized Animal Data

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The current collaboration with Penn State has developed a miniature, rigid, modular robot as the initial sensor delivery platform. However, rigid structures for in vivo exploration have proven troublesome, in many biological applications. We are pursuing soft tensegrity structures for in vivo mobility and novel buoyancy-based locomotion paradigms.


This Penn State/Purdue collaboration mated the peristaltic propulsion module with a 2-DoF articulating joint module to produce a steerable modular inch-worm robot.

The same articulating joint module acts as a novel buoyancy control joint for this neutrally buoyant robot for sensors positioning. Net buoyancy control allows the robot to move up and down while "buoyancy gaits" allow the robot to control its orientation and translation with static poses and buoyancy changes. The buoyant "flippers" on the ends are shaped to produce hydrodynamic reaction forces during vertical movement.

Some of this work is co-sponsored by the NSF Center for Robots and Sensors for the Human Well-Being (RoSe-HUB). This site also reflects work as a participant in the National Science Foundation grant CNS-1450342.

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