Travis and Emily's Day at the Feast

Book Project Web Page Content Draft

Project Description

“Travis and Emily's Day at the Feast" is a story following two fourth grade students as they explore and experience the Feast of the Hunters' Moon for the first time. The book commemorates the Feast, touching on everything from food and recipes, to games that children used to play, to special collector's buttons of participants. There is a timeline of the Feast, outlining significant points since its beginning, along with the various Feast themes displayed on the buttons each year.

Target Audience

This book is primarily intended for children studying Indiana History, particularly those who have attended or will be attending the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon.

Project Purpose

The hope is that students visiting the Feast, with their school or their families, can have something to take with them to further their experience even after they are back at home or school.

Project Team
Project Design Manager Faris Habayeb
Project Content Manager Amy Leigh Schutts
Design and Content Assistant Heather Christian
Technical Writer Lisa Daugird
Story and Chapter Writers Alisha Heavilon
Michelle Keesling
Production Research Laura Stevens