Our History, Indiana: Credits

Course Coordinator:
Dr. Michael Salvo, Associate Professor of English, Purdue University

Mark A. Hannah
Karen Kaiser Lee

Project Manager:
Erin A. Wilson, @SEA Intern

Research, Writing, and Recording Team:
Janelle Boys-Chen
Leroy Bridges
Zach Heridia
Bonnie Stockwell

"Raindrops and Diamonds" by Kingbenny, provided by ccMixter.

Map Design:
Nick Slabaugh

Thanks To...:
Mary Moyars-Johnson, for her time and input
Dawn Marsh, for her time and the supplemental interview for the William Henry Harrison podcast
@SEA Web Design Team for providing us with the space and design for our podcasting project
The Tippecanoe County Historical Association for the opportunity to present our project for consideration.