Tippecanoe Basics: A look into the history and the charm of Tippecanoe County

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Project Description

This book focuses on noteworthy aspects of Tippecanoe County’s identity, ranging from the area’s history in terms of transportation to the vital role played by Purdue University. The book includes photography by its contributors and photographer Cole Garrett.

Target Audience

The scope of this book’s targeted audience is broad, ideally engaging Tippecanoe County residents, supporters of the Tippecanoe County Historical Association, visitors, potential Purdue students and their families.

Project Purpose

Developing a book with historical and accessible information about Tippecanoe County is important because there are precious few resources available to document the area’s rich history. This project centers on several key issues, including researching and writing about the county, as well as building an online marketplace where visitors and publishers can purchase the book. An online purchasing center will help generate more revenue for the Tippecanoe County Historical Association.

Project Team
Editor-in-Chief and Lead Writer Elizabeth Below
Lead Designer Lauren Harrington
Contributors Ashley Watson
Matt Di Leo
Megan Cornell
Sara Carver
Angela Zancanaro
Chapters and Sections