Podcast Project, Online Exhibit, and @SEA Projects Homepage

Web Projects Content Draft

Project Description

The Web Projects are a group of three interrelated projects featuring online content. The Podcast Project consists of two clickable maps, one of Indiana State and the other of Tippecanoe County. Clicking icons on these maps allows the user to listen to podcasts about local and state history. The Online Exhibit showcases images and descriptions of historical items from the TCHA. The @SEA Projects Homepage is a portal for the other projects managed and created by @SEA at the request of the TCHA.

Target Audience

The Web Projects are intended for a large range of audiences, including students, Indiana and Tippecanoe residents, and current TCHA members.

Project Purpose

The purpose of the Web Projects is to increase the online presence and accessibility of the rich and unique history of Tippecanoe County.

Project Team
Podcast Project Manager Erin Wilson
Podcast Writers/Recorders Janelle Boys-Chen
Leroy Bridges
Zach Heridia
Bonnie Stockwell
Map Designer Nick Slabaugh
Online Exhibit Project Manager Adam Strantz
Online Exhibit Team
@SEA Project Home Manager Joelle Prokupek
@SEA Projects Team Janelle Boys-Chen
Brandon Patton
Bonnie Stockwell
Nick Slabaugh