Purdue IBA In-house Tournament RESULTS

2010-04-13 23:56:26

Men's Doubles

Pool A Pool B
1. Hans Kristanto/Cahya Harianto 1. Yuhe Gou/James Youn
2. Gary Novianto/Jacky Tiong 2. Christopher Smalt/Justin Yeo

Men's Singles

Pool A Pool B
1. Hans Kristanto 1. Yuhe Gou
2. Cahya Harianto 2. Jacky Tiong
3. Gerhard Novianto 3. Justin Yeo

Women's Singles

Pool A Pool B
1. Tricia Tsai 1. Vina Zerlina
2. Jayne Piepenburg 2. Boon Li Lee
3. Bei Fei 3. Amy Lindbland

Thank you all who have participated!! :)

1. Women's Doubles pairs will be determined during the IBA.
2. In-house tournament is only intended to be a baseline of Purdue Badminton Club members' individual standings. Captains for Men's and Women's Teams will decide the final lineup considering skills and situations.
3. Keep in mind that Purdue IBA Tournament will be held this Saturday (04/17), and the Final will be held in OSU on Friday (05/14).