The Black Family

This course considers and examines the black family as a social institution, focusing on both recent research as well as more descriptive accounts of issues concerning the black family. [...]

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The Black Male

This course examines critically the factors contributing to the deteriorating status of African American males and the positive ways of coping with that experience. Includes an overview of research perspectives defining current knowledge on the subject. [...]

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The Black Community

This course explores systems of residential injustice impacted the African American community. It will survey the history and conditions of the community prior to 1945, and proceed to the post-WW II era to present day. The course will examine concepts of race and class, as well as changing race and class relationships in rural and urban Black communities, focusing |on themes of wealth distribution, inequality, [...]

History of Injustice in the US

History of Injustice in the United States explores a series of acts of racial oppression and injustice impacting African American communities and individuals (such as the cases of Dred Scot, Emmett Till, Angela Davis, Robert F. Williams, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown) from the Pre-Civil War to the present, involving the federal government and the U.S. judicial system. [...]

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