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Selected Technical Reports

    *: former/current student coauthors
  • Dynamic Assortment Selection with Position Effect.
    Yiyun Luo*, Will Wei Sun, and Yufeng Liu

Journal Publications

  • Distribution-free Contextual Dynamic Pricing.
    Yiyun Luo*, Will Wei Sun, and Yufeng Liu
    Mathematics of Operations Research, 2023.
    This paper won the 2021 ASA Student Paper Award from the Business and Economic Statistics Section.

  • Sparse Tensor Additive Regression.
    Botao Hao*, Boxiang Wang*, Pengyuan Wang, Emma Jingfei Zhang, Jian Yang, Will Wei Sun
    Journal of Machine Learning Research 2021.

  • Sparse Convex Clustering.
    Binhuan Wang, Yilong Zhang, Will Wei Sun, and Yixin Fang
    Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 2017.

Conference Publications

Book Chapters