Links of Software

  • scvxclustr: R package for sparse convex clustering. Source Code

    Reference : ‘‘Sparse Convex Clustering", Binhuan Wang, Yilong Zhang, Will Wei Sun, and Yixin Fang (2017), JCGS. pdf

  • Tlasso: R package for non-convex optimization and statistical inference for sparse tensor graphical models. Link to CRAN

    Reference : ‘‘Sparse Tensor Graphical Model: Non-convex Optimization and Statistical Inference", Wei Sun, Zhaoran Wang, Xiang Lyu, Han Liu, and Guang Cheng (2016), arXiv. pdf

  • snn: R package for stabilized nearest neighbor classifier. Link to CRAN

    Reference : ‘‘Stabilized Nearest Neighbor Classifier and its Statistical Properties", Will Wei Sun, Xingye Qiao, and Guang Cheng (2016), Journal of the American Statistical Association 111, 1254-1265. pdf

  • pass: R package for prediction and stability selection of tuning parameters. Link to CRAN

    Reference : ‘‘Consistent Selection of Tuning Parameters via Variable Selection Stability", Wei Sun, Junhui Wang, and Yixin Fang (2013), Journal of Machine Learning Research 13, 3419-3440. pdf