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     The Tango is a sorrowful thought that can be danced. -- Enrique Santos Discepolo
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La Milonguera is a student organization at Purdue University devoted to the promotion and enjoyment of everything related to Argentinean Tango. Everyone is welcome!

As part of our interest in Tango, we offer three levels of classes in Tango, Milonga, and Argentine Vals. Classes are open to everyone in the greater Lafayette. Singles and couples are welcome.

In addition to scheduled classes, we organize workshops, field trips, movies, milonga parties, performances, etc.



Latest News
Vania at Purdue!
Join us in welcoming Vania Rey back to West Lafayette, IN!

We have an incredible weekend of FREE workshops and milongas planned, led by Tango virtuoso Vania Rey (pictured), flying out from Austin, TX. Start with an introductory class Friday evening followed by a milonga Friday night, two classes Saturday, another milonga Saturday night, and two more classes on Sunday. Private classes will be available until Wednesday, when she will be travelling down to Indianapolis for more classes. Best of all, as this event is sponsored by Purdue SOGA, the classes are 100% FREE. I have been dancing Tango for MANY years and in my opinion Vania does the very best at creating a lesson to fit both the advanced and the beginners in the room. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity!

See the page for details:
Purdue Fall Tango Festival
ft. Tamango
ft. Hernan & Daniela

Nov 10-12

Since they first met, they have learned tango from teachers with different traditions and a myriad of artistic disciplines.

D&H have been teaching and performing tango for more than 10 years. They were part of the exclusive staff of La Viruta (the most famous milonga in Buenos Aires), working together with some of the most well known "Maestros". During the last years, D&H have been traveling teaching and performing in the most important cities and festivals of North America.

As a result of these incredible and diverse experiences, they have developed their own unique style, which expresses their joy, appreciation, and true love for the tango.

This five member multi-national tango band - two violins, piano, guitar, and voice - delights Bloomington, Indiana tango lovers with performances featuring old favorites, original arrangements, and more!
Jennie Gubner - violin | Julia Shannon - violin | Winnie Cheung - piano | Maximiliano Larrea - guitar | Tomas Lozano - voice

*FRIDAY 11/10* 8:30pm-1:30am.
Milonga Thomas Duncan Hall (
Tamango Live
Daniela y Hernan performance

*SATURDAY 11/11* 1pm-5pm
8pm-1am MILONGA Turning Pointe Academy

*SUNDAY 11/12* 1pm-5pm

Check out our fliers! Full sheet and card
Workshop Weekend with Anna Leon April 7-9


Purdue University La Milonguera is delighted to have the amazing Anna Leon back with us for a fun filled Argentine Tango workshop weekend. Anna Leon empowers the tango dancer of all levels with a passion for the dance. She will make you laugh, focus, play, and believe! She has taught and performed in several cities and also has her own tango clothing line.

Workshops are completely FREE FOR ALL (students AND non-students) courtesy of funding from Students Organization Grant Allocation Board, Purdue University! Milonga is $10 each for non-students.


No worries! We are having an absolute beginners class on Friday at Purdue. Learn more about the Argentine Tango! No experience, no shoes, no partners needed!

Students, non-students, any location of origin! ALL ARE WELCOME!


We have something for all levels of dancers! Absolute beginners to the milonga veteran- come join us for a fun filled weekend- includes workshops, milongas, private lessons, live music bands, chacarera class, and lots of food!

Workshop schedule:

*Friday, 4/7*
8:30pm-12:30am. Duncan Hall (
8:30-9pm. PRE MILONGA CLASS: Tango from Scratch! Quickly learn to lead and follow the basics.
9-12:30am: MILONGA with live music ft. TAMANGO!
DJ: Vikyath Rao from UIUC!

*Saturday 4/8*
2-3:30 PM. MSEE Lobby (
'Grrr and Ahhh: Leader and Follower technique in the embrace'
4-5:30 PM. MSEE Lobby (
'Feeling the 2 & the 3 in Vals'

8:30pm-12.30am Turning Pointe Academy of Performing Arts (
8:30-9 Chacarera class ft. Alexis Weinkauf
9-12:30 Milonga with live music ft. BANDONEON MASSACRE!
DJ Alexis Weinkauf from Indy!
FREE for all students (any location); $10 for non-students.

*Sunday, 4/9*
2-3:30 PM. MSEE Lobby (
'Malena: dancing the melody vs rhythm'
4-5:30 PM. MSEE Lobby (
'Sandwiches and Giros with a side of drags.'

Please see our Facebook event
Facebook Group:
Purdue La Milonguera Tango Club


Featured Stories
Tango Is a Shared Moment

Tango Is a Shared Moment
interview with Carlos Gavito, at

We dance the music, not the steps. Anybody who pretends to dance well never thinks about the step he's going to do, what he cares about is that he follows the music. You see, we are painters, we paint the music with our feet. Musicians play an instrument and use their fingers, their hands. Dancers use their toes. Read on.

Passion for Tango, West Coast and East

Performance Tango or Milonguero?
collected notes by Susana Miller, published in "El Tangauta"

Two styles of Argentine tango, performance and milonguero, bring about a controversy in the dance community. Some attribute a false dichotomy between these styles. False because, in reality, they are complimentary. In a certain aspect, performance tango and milonguero tango are two sides of the same coin. Read on.

Old people and Tango Old people and Tango
Research article taken from The Society for Neuroscience website, Nov 2005

 A study presented at the Society for Neuroscience national conference in
Washington, DC this week found that "Argentinean tango dancing" is an effective treatment for maintaining a healthy brain. Read on.

Homer Ladas & Christina The New Tango Adopts Hot, Fast Moves - Heavy Beat, Lots of Twists Attract a Younger Crowd; Mr. Ladas's All-Nighters
By Kim-Mai Cutler, The New York Street Journal Europe, Aug 30, 2005

It still takes two to tango, but young urban aficionados have added some surprising new twists to the tradition-bound Argentine dance...This is "neotango", a new millennium version of the dance that was born at the turn of the previous century in the brothels of Buenos Aires. It is booming all over the tango world. Read on.



A Sense of Where You Were
in The Economist, Dec 20, 2001
A toast to life A toast to life
interview with Carlos Gavito, at

Scene: We are sitting at Lalo, one of my favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires and apparently it is also Gavito's because I see him here all the time.  It is no secret that Carlos is battling with cancer.  This fight is acutely visible in his appearance and his weariness.  Read on.

And Still They Tango And Still They Tango
By Alma Guillermoprieto, National Geographic, Dec. 2003

Full of yearning and lament, the tango is perfect therapy for a nation still stinging from economic loss. Music, champagne, beautiful women, gorgeous men, perfume that drifts through the air like a song, songs that linger in the mind like perfume. The union of two bodies transformed into one? Read on.

A Sense of Where You Were

But what is tango? The commonest description "the vertical expression of a horizontal desire - is the least adequate: that applies to nearly all dances. "A sad thought you can dance", a comment on the wall of the National Academy of Tango in Buenos Aires, is closer to the mark, though tango was not always a sad or even a nostalgic music, and can certainly be a joyful one. Read on.

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