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We are a client-centric consulting organization focused on building innovative solutions for the student clubs and administrative groups at Purdue University.

Organizational Transformation

PurdueTHINK’s members know that a healthy organizational structure is key to long term success of any organization. During a semester this team can use their experience to provide comprehensive plans for: Mergers, hierarchy transformation, organizational vision, marketing strategy, and all other needs related to club operations.

Current State Analysis

Whether it be a competitive analysis or analyzing org data, PurdueTHINK provides clarity for its clients with in-depth analysis and reports on the current state of any organization. Through surveys, interviews, and research, our team can provide any insight necessary for clients to make the best decisions possible.

Initiative Planning

When executing a new vision, any organization is wading into the unknown. From events to technologies, any new initiative has variables that make planning difficult. PurdueTHINK has a track record of ensuring that our clients are aware of funding opportunities, have detailed timelines, are in touch with all important contacts, and anything else needed for a successful launch.

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Applications open in Spring of 2021!