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The purpose of this page is to make you aware of the College of Science requirements. I tried to select courses that would meet the requirement and are being offered in the semester to come. *** It is your responsibility to go to the College of Science website to make sure the courses are still meeting the requirement as this page represents the state of the requirement when I do the updates.

(check the College of Science website to make sure)


1. Great Issues Courses

2.  Multidisciplinary Courses

3.  General Education

4.  Foreign Language and Culture

5. Interesting Free Electives


1.  Great Issues Requirement: List of Approved Courses

The College of Science Great Issues course addresses the impact of Science on society and the ramifications of scientific advances. The Great Issues Requirement can be met by completing the College of Science Great Issues in Science course or another course from the approved list.

NOTE: Courses which have been taken to meet the Great Issues requirement may not also be used to meet a student’s Culture/Diversity or General Education requirement.

Great Issues courses

2. Multidisciplinary Courses: List of Approved Courses

The multidisciplinary requirement can be met by completing one of the following options:

1.  An additional major or minor.

2.  An approved course, pre-approved research project, pre-approved internship or an entrepreneurship program project. To gain approval a research, internship or project must involve a multidisciplinary approach to examining a problem or issue, preferably involving multidisciplinary teams at the junior level or above. Students may choose a course from one of the following two approved course lists.

Approved Cos Multidisciplinary Courses

University Core Science, Technology and Society (STS) Approved Courses

(NOTE: STAT 113 will not count for PHYS majors )

3General Education


Science General Education Course Search: Search for a General Education Course

NOTE: Courses which have been taken to meet the General Education requirement may not also be used to meet a student’s Culture/Diversity or Great Issues requirement.


Outcome: Demonstrated breadth of knowledge and cultural appreciation . College of Science students will gain insights in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and/or Management to deepen their awareness of other disciplines of thought which complements and informs their scientific understanding of the world. The General Education requirement is met through completion of three courses (9 credits total) that have been approved to meet requirement. Students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisors about course options that may allow them to further an interest or develop a new one while meeting this important requirement.

The General Education list below contains approved courses effective as of Janaury, 2015*.  Students may use only  ONE course (3 credits) from the following subjects: AGEC, MGMT, OBHR, ECON, or ENTR to meet their general education requirement. Approved courses may be used in any combination to satisfy the General Education requirement. Presence of a course on the list does not guarantee that the course will be available during all terms.

Special Note: some courses on the list share the same course subject and number, however, they have different or variable titles. Only those titles listed are approved. Consult with your advisor if you have a question about the suitability of a course.

College of Science students are invited to nominate courses for the general education requirement. Please submit course suggestions to your academic advisor.

General Education Elective List

Courses which MAY NOT be used to meet the General Education requirement

Independent research courses will not be approved to meet the General Education requirement. Courses cross-listed with a course in the College of Science or any course which has a laboratory or studio component are also not approved. In addition to the aforementioned restriction, the following courses are specifically excluded:

  • PHIL 15000 (Principles of Logic)

  • PHIL 45000 (Symbolic Logic) 

  • PHIL 55000 (Advanced Symbolic Logic) 

  • PSY 20100 (Introduction to Statistics in Psychology)

  • PSY 20400 (Use of Computers in Psychology) 

  • PSY 30600 - Statistical Analysis for Experiments

  • PSY 50000 (Statistical Methods Applied to Psychology, Education, and Sociology) 

  • PSY 50100 (Mathematics Essential for Quantitative Psychology) 

  • SOC 38200 (Introduction to Methods of Social Research) 

  • COM 11400 (Fundamentals of Speech)

  • ENTR courses other than ENTR 20000 and ENTR 20100


4. Foreign Language and Culture

Science Culture/Diversity Course Search: Search for a Culture/Diversity Course or  CoS L&C catalog

 Students can also use  3Culture option to meet this requirement

NOTE: Courses which have been taken to meet the Culture requirement may not also be used to meet a student’s General Education or Great Issues requirement.


5. Interesting Free Electives

(Fall) FS 470 - Wine Appreciation

Honors College course offerings: HONR course list

PHYS 500+ Electives ( Spring Offerings , Fall Offerings )