Making Appointments via BoilerConnect



•  Login in to BoilerConnect using your Purdue username and password

•  On the far right side of your Student Home screen , click on the blue Get Advising button:



•  On the Schedule Advising Appointment screen, select why you would like to meet with an advisor. From the drop down menu, select a reason type:







•  In the next drop down box, provide additional detail on the reason for your request. (during REGISTRATION time...that is the only option for you..... so don't choose OTHER)



•  Click on Next







•  From the drop down box, select the location you prefer. Note, this should automatically be populated with the location of your assigned academic advisor.


•  Select your advisor from the drop down box.






•  Select the Appointment Time. If none of the available times for the week being displayed will work with your schedule, click on the arrow in the blue icon to move to the next week's list of available times.




•  To schedule the time, click on any of the buttons directly under the date column for the date you would like to schedule the appointment for. A drop down box will appear that will give you the list of available times.



•  Highlight the time you would like to schedule for the appointment, then click Next .






If you can't find a time that works, your advisor might have a Walk-in time available, so click on the View Walk-in Times button in the yellow section of the screen. If it doesn't appear, then your advisor does not have a Walk-in time available. There are no Tutoring appointments loaded in to BoilerConnect.



•  On the Schedule Advising Appointment screen , review the Appointment Details . If there is anything else you would like to include in order to help your advisor prepare for your appointment, enter it in the Additional Details box.







•  You can request a reminder email or text to be sent to you by clicking on one of the two reminder buttons.



•  Click on Confirm Appointment


BoilerConnect will send you a confirmation email or text confirming your appointment. It will also send you an Email reminder the morning of the appointment or a text Message reminder one hour prior to the appointment.


•  Your appointment will now appear on your Student Home page under the Upcoming Appointments section on the right side of the screen.