How students can Access their PIN number on MyPurdue

Go to mypurdue>registration tab> USE SCHEDULING ASSISTANT
(Choose Term –[COURSE REQUEST] on top left > then go to [ADVISOR RECOMMENDATION] TAB up on top> very bottom of the recommendation you will see your PIN.).

Login to Boiler connect> then choose term > and then go to Notes tab (under the Student Home text) -> find the note from our registration meeting.
The appointment note will say “Thomaz, PHYS –<term><year> Registration.”  Then you can open the attachment by clicking on the paperclip icon.  PIN is in the upper right corner of the document.

Option 3: (MYPURDUE option if you have already used your PIN as described above)
Mypurdue > Registration tab > Registration PIN


*****NOTE: Summer PIN = SPRING PIN ( use one of the options above to locate Spring PIN),Winter PIN = FALL PIN ( use one of the options above to locate Fall PIN)