Höök Lab at Purdue

We are interested in environmental questions at the interface between applied and basic ecology. To address such questions we use an adaptive research approach and employ a variety of research methods (e.g., field sampling, controlled experiments, statistical analysis, simulation modeling). The focus of my research is fish and fisheries ecology in the Laurentian Great Lakes. However, we also study lower trophic level organisms and both smaller freshwater and larger marine ecosystems.


Purdue FNR
West Lafayette, Indiana 47907


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These real-time buoys broadcast water conditions to help scientists, managers, residents, and the lakes recreational users understand how the lake works, how things look today, and how things will look in the future.

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This application provides anglers on Lake Michigan with information about catch rates of Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Chinook Salmon, Brown Trout, and Coho Salmon over the past two decades.

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Taking the first steps to restore rock reef spawning habitat within inner Saginaw Bay

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If you are interested in graduate studies in fish ecology at Purdue University, then please contact me. Opportunities for highly motivated, outstanding students may be available. I can accept students through the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources and Purdue Ecological Sciences and Engineering Graduate Program. For more information please visit the FNR graduate program page and/or the ESE admission page.

If you are an undergraduate student interested in a career in aquatic ecology, I encourage you to become involved with research and extension activities. Feel free to contact me as we may have opportunities in our lab and/or I may be able to point you towards other opportunities. Several undergraduate researchers in our lab have published their findings and many have gone on to graduate school and positions in fisheries and aquatic ecology fields.

Our research group values diversity, equity, and inclusion both within our research team and across the community of students, researchers, natural resource managers and broader public we interact with. We are committed to equal employment opportunity practices and we welcome participation in our lab group by students and others, regardless of race, color, religion, place of origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, disability, or veteran status. We aim to foster a welcoming environment. We value discussion from diverse perspectives. And, we compel respectful communication and actions.