Student Research

The Communication and Cognition Lab offers several opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in research: 1) As a research participant; 2) as a research assistant; or 3) as an honor student who completes a thesis or class-related project.

The Brian Lamb School of Communication maintains a Research Participation System and Lab, which offer wonderful opportunities to conduct and learn about research. Along with other researchers in our school, we use these facilities regularly to conduct survey studies and experiments online or in the lab.

The Brian Lamb School of Communication uses an online program that expedites the process of recruiting, signing up, and granting extra credit to students for participating in research studies. The program is called the Research Participation System, and it provides an easy online method for you to sign up for research studies, to keep track of the studies you have completed, and to view how many credits you have earned for each study. You can access the system online at any time, from any computer with a standard web browser. By participating in studies done within the Brian Lamb School of Communication, you can learn first hand how a study is conducted, you can contribute to the advancement of the field, and you can improve your grade by earning extra credit.