Thomas J. Rickert

Curriculum Vitae







Ph.D. — ­University of Texas at Arlington, 2000 (Rhetoric and Composition/Cultural Studies/Critical Theory)

M.A. — University of Texas at Arlington, 1993 (Literature and Rhetoric)

B.A. — Berea College, 1987 (Philosophy and English)



Purdue University: Associate Professor (2007 – present)

      Assistant Professor of English (2001 – 2007)

Western Oregon University Assistant Professor of English (2000 2001)

University of Texas at ArlingtonGraduate Teaching Assistant (1989 – 2000)

Tarrant County Junior College – Instructor, part-time (1997 – 98)

El Centro Community College  – Instructor, part-time (1992 – 1994; 1997)



Histories and Theories of Rhetoric (Classical, Modern, and Postmodern), Critical Theory, Composition, Cultural Studies, Complexity Theory, Psychoanalysis, New Media and Digital Culture, Music




Acts of Enjoyment: Rhetoric, Zizek, and the Return of the Subject. U of Pittsburgh Press, 2007.



"Music@Microsoft.Windows: Composing Ambience." The Writing Instructor May 2010.

"The Play's the Thing: An Exploratory in Identification, Randomness, and Bullshit." Pre/Text 19.1-4

            (1998; in print 2009): 147-64.

"New Media and the Fourfold." With Jennifer Bay. JAC 28: 1-2 (2008) 209-44.

"Towards the Chōra: Kristeva, Derrida, and Ulmer on Emplaced Invention." Philosophy and Rhetoric

            40.3 (2007): 251-73.

"The Distributed Gesamptkunstwerk: Sound, Worlding, and New Media Culture." With Michael J. Salvo. Computers and Composition 23 (2006): 296-316.

"In the House of Doing: Rhetoric and the Kairos of Ambience." JAC 24.4 (2004): 901-27.

"From the Nodular to the Linked: Mark C. Taylor and Our Emerging Culture of Complex Interactive Networks." With David Blakeley. Special Issue on Mark C. Taylor and Network Culture. JAC 24.4 (2004): 821-30.

"Interview with Mark C. Taylor." With David Blakesley. JAC 24.4 (2004): 805-19.

"'Hands Up, You're Free': Composition and Pedagogy in a Post-Oedipal World." JAC 21.2 (Spring 2001): 287-320.

"'Avowing the Unavowable': On the Music of Composition." With Byron Hawk. Enculturation 2.2 (Spring 1999)



"Dwelling with New Media." With Jennifer Bay. In RAW: Reading and Writing New Media. Ed. Cheryl Ball and Jim Kalmbach. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton, 2010. 117-140.

"Invention in the Wild: Locating Kairos in Space-Time." Locations of Composition. Eds. Chris Keller and Christian Weisser. SUNY Press, 2007. (forthcoming)

"Language's Duality and the Rhetorical Problem of Music." Rhetorical Agendas: Political, Ethical, and Spiritual. Ed. Patricia Bizzell. New York: Lawrence Erlbaum, 2005. 157-63.


Multimedia Essays:

". . . And They Had Pro-Tools." With Michael J. Salvo. Computers and Composition Online. Special Issue on Sound and Multiliteracies (Fall 2006) 

"EnSample: Virtual Musics and Viral Assemblages" – multimedia project on writing and

sampling with Byron Hawk and Matthew Levy. Pre/Text Electra(Lite) 3.01 (1999)


Response Essays, Reviews, and Pedagogical Publications:

Book Review: "Is This Where You Live?": Reviews of How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation—Marc Bousquet; Inside the Teaching Machine: Rhetoric and the Globalization of the U. S. Public Research University—Catherine Chaput; Buying into English: Language and Investment in the New Capitalist World—Catherine Prendergast; Academic Charisma and the Origins of the Research University—William Clark. College English 72.3 (January 2010): 293-310.

Book Review: Jody Dean, Žižek's Politics. Quarterly Journal of Speech 94.2 (2008): 226-230.

"Enjoying Theory: Žižek, Critique, Accountability." JAC 22.3 (Summer 2002): 627-40.

Book Review: Internal Rhetorics: Toward a History and Theory of Self-Persuasion (Jean Nienkamp). Enculturation 4.2 (2002)

Companion Website for Writing in an Electronic World (Beth Kolko, Alison Regan, Susan Romano). Allyn and Bacon/Longman (2001).  [Supporting material: questions, exercises, links, etc.]

"Engaging Modernisms, Emerging Posthumanisms, and the Rhetoric of Doing: A Response to John Trimbur, W. Ross Winterowd, and Susan Searls Giroux." JAC 20.3 (Summer 2000): 672-84.

"Review: Kismet—Curious Yellow." Pre/Text Electra(Lite) 3.01 (1999)

"Review: In Memoriam Gilles Deleuze—Deleuze Tribute CD." Enculturation: A Journal for Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture 1.2 (Fall 1997)


Works in Press:

"Being Delicious." With Collin Brooke. In Beyond Post-Process. Eds. Sid Dobrin, Jeff A. Rice, and Michael Vastola. Utah State UP (forthcoming)

"Tarrying with the <Head>: The Emergence of Control through Protocol." From A to <A>: Keywords for HTML and Writing. Eds. Bradley Dilger and Jeff Rice. Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, December 2010.


Works in Progress:

Rhetorical Ambience: Persuasion, Agency, and Environment (book manuscript; prospectus and 50% of manuscript drafted)


Guest-Edited Journal Issues and Online Discussion Forums:

JAC Special Issue on Mark C. Taylor and Network Culture. With David Blakesley. JAC 24.4 (2004).

Enculturation Special Issue on Music, Writing, and Culture. 2.2 (Spring 1999)

Discussion leader (one of six) for Pre/Text Re/Inter/View on Empire (Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri). February 2003



James L. Kinneavy Award, 2001, for "'Hands Up, You're Free': Composition in a Post-Oedipal World" in JAC 21.2 (Spring 2001): 287-320

Ellen Nold Award, 2007, for best article of the year in Computers and Composition Studies (for "The Distributed Gesamptkunstwerk: Sound, Worlding, and New Media Culture," co-authored with Michael Salvo). 

Kairos Best Webtext Award, 2007, for best webtext of the year in the field of Rhetoric and Composition (for "...And They Had Protools," co-authored with Michael Salvo).

Gary A. Olson Award, 2007, for best book of the year published in rhetoric and cultural studies (Acts of Enjoyment: Rhetoric, Žižek, and the Return of the Subject).



Center for Humanistic Studies (Purdue University), Spring 2008



"Doxa and Ambience." University of Pittsburgh, December 2, 2007

"Acts of Enjoyment." Indiana University, April 9, 2010.




English 0300                                     Writing Mechanics

English 1301    Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking I (Expository Writing)

English 1302    Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking II (Argumentative Writing)

English 2303    Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking III (Literary Writing)

English 2309    World Literature

English 2329    American Literature

English 1613    Expository Writing

English 1623    Introduction to Writing about Literature

English 091      Developmental Writing

English 101      Composition

English 102      Argumentative Writing

English 141      Introduction to American Literature

English 104      Fiction

English 105      Drama

English 106      Poetry

English 106      Introductory Composition (2 times)

English 406      Review Writing (2 times)

English 440      The Teaching of Writing



English 680C   Cultural Studies and Composition (3 times)

English 680I    Institutional Discourses: The Contemporary University in Crisis (3 times)

English 680P    Public Rhetorics

English 622      Classical Rhetoric

English 626      Postmodernism, Rhetoric, and Pedagogy (6 times)

English 505      Practicum: Teaching First-Year Composition (2 semester course; taught 3 times)

English 531      Literary Theory: Cultural Studies

Writing 596      Rhetorical Invention




3 dissertation committees (completed)

6 dissertation committees (in progress)



2 dissertation committees



24 dissertation committees (completed)

12 dissertation committees (in progress)



Book Series Editor: Parlor Press, Lauer Series in Rhetoric and Composition (2007 – present)

Editorial Board: Enculturation (1997- present)

Editorial Board: The Writing Instructor (2007 - present)



Manuscript Reviewer, Pittsburg University Press (2009); Southern Illinois University Press (2002; 2010); SUNY Press (2003); Longman (2004); Parlor Press (2004); Norton (2005)

Essay Reviewer, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies (2009); Rhetoric Society Quarterly (2009-2010)

Manual of Campus Resources for TASP Remediation, UTA (1998)

Faculty Consultant and Reader, AP Reading in English Language and Composition (ETS), Daytona Beach, FL (June 2002; June 2003; June 2004; June 2006)



"Rhetorics of Revealing Versus Persuasion, or How to Dwell with Things." Rhetoric Society of America. Minneapolis, MN. May 2010. (national conference)

"Ambient Composition: Exteriorizing Donald Murray's 'The Interior View." Conference on College Composition and Communications. Louisville, KY. March 2010. (national conference)

"Strange Fabrics: We Are the Institution." U. of S. Carolina Conference on Rhetorical Theory. Columbia, SC. October 2009. (national conference, by invitation)

"In Media Space, Everyone Can Hear You Scream . . . And Scream . . . And Scream . . . ." Media Ecology Association Conference. St. Louis, MO. June, 2009.

"Techne + Logos." U. of S. Carolina Engaging Theory Conference. Columbia, SC. October 2008.

"Rhetoric beyond Critique: Plans for Vitalization" Conference on College Composition and Communications. New Orleans, LA. April 2008.

"Dwelling and the Problem of Sufficiency." Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference. Tempe, AZ. October 2007.

"Ideology and Doxa: From Matters of Critique to Matters of Production." Conference on College Composition and Communications. New York, 2007. (Forthcoming.)

"On the Leap: Reason, Faith, Legitimation." Rhetoric Society of America Conference. Memphis, TN. May 2006.

"The Rhetorical Situation as Poker Match, or Identification at Play." Conference on College Composition and Communications. Chicago, IL. March 2006.

"Chora and Community in the Timaeus’ Tale of Two Cities." Conference on College Composition and Communications. San Francisco, CA. March 2005.

"TBA." Convergences: First Annual Symposium for Theory, Rhetoric, and Writing. North Carolina State University. November 2004.

"'Push th' Little Daisies': Some Thoughts on Marc Bousquet, WPAs, and Power." Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference. Tempe, AZ. October 2004.

"Parasitical Problems: Rethinking Composition as a Complex Adaptive System." Thomas R. Watson Conference on Rhetoric and Composition. Louisville, KY. October 2004.

"Language, Music, and Affect, Or, Why Nietzsche Chills with Marc Bolan in the Eternal Garden." Rhetoric Society of America Conference. May 2004.

"Critical Subject to Come: Nachträglichkeit, Emergence, and Culture." South Carolina Comparative Literature Conference on Psychoanalysis. February 2003.

"The Costs of Accounting: Justifying Rhetoric in the Corporate University." Western States Composition Conference. Seattle, WA. October 2002.

"The Academy at Loose Ends: Identity-Scholarship-Network." Thomas R. Watson Conference on Rhetoric and Composition. Louisville, KY. October 2002.

"Shangri-La-Ti-Da: Teaching, Technology, and the Corporate University." Rhetoric Society of America Conference. Las Vegas, NV. May 2002.

"An Inquiry into Power in Deleuze's Society of Control." Western States Composition Conference. Tempe, AZ. October 2001.

"From the Communications Triangle to the Lacanian Graph of Desire: Toward a Psychoanalytic Theory of Discourse." Research in progress presented at the Conference on College Composition and Communications. Denver, CO. March 2001.

"Disrupting The Matrix: Movie Industry Depictions of Virtual Reality and the Telos of Control." Computers and Writing Conference. Ft. Worth, TX. April 2000.

"Politica Phantasmagoria: Ideology in Criticism, Pedagogy, and Politics." Research in progress presented at the Conference on College Composition and Communications. Atlanta, GA. March 1999.

"Transforming Notions of Space: Mapping the Computer Classroom." Computers and Writing

Conference. University of Florida, Gainesville. May 1998.

"The New Science of Roland Barthes." Third Annual Arlington Humanities Colloquium. University of Texas at Arlington. April 1997.

"Negotiating the Implosion: Ethical Possibility in the Postmodern Classroom." Conference on College Composition and Communications. Phoenix, AZ. March 1997.

"The Sign of our Future Reign: Strange Days Are Here Again." Sixth Annual EGAD Conference. East Texas State University, Commerce. July 1996.

"Reproducing in Thrall: Literacy and the Problem of Critique." Conference on College Composition and  Communications. Milwaukee, WI. March 1996.

"Reading Demonization: Problems Concerning Convention in Les Liaisons Dangereuses." Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies (GEMCS). Dallas, TX. November 1995.

"Natural's Not an It: Postmodernism and Alternative Rock." First Annual Arlington Humanities Colloquium. University of Texas at Arlington. April 1995.

"Hyperliteracy." Conference on College Composition and Communications. Washington, D.C. March 1995.

"Revolution and Youth in Milan Kundera's Life is Elsewhere and Immortality." Graduate Conference on Language and Literature. Northern Illinois University, DeKalb. March 1994.



Head Search Committee (2010)

Advanced Writing Committee (2009 - present)

Rhetoric and Composition Job Search Committee (2007-08)

Policy Committee, Purdue (2006-present)

Introductory Writing Committee, Purdue (2001-present)

Grievance Committee, Purdue (2001- 2003)

2003 Computers and Writing Conference Planning Committee, Purdue (2002-03)

Ph.D. Preliminary Examination Committee, Purdue (2002)

Technology Textbook Advisory Committee, UTA (1998)



Conference on College Composition and Communication

Modern Language Association

National Council of Teachers of English

Rhetoric Society of America

National Communication Association