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About our club

About Purdue Tri Club

Purdue Triathlon Club is the place to find your multisport passion with a group of dedicated students who share the same goals. We prioritize a balance of training, team, and social events to build friendships in and out of the sport. We are a recognized USAT collegiate club and regularly compete as a team throughout the spring and fall seasons while school is in session, as well as individually across the country throughout the summer. Every year in April, our efforts culminate at USAT Collegiate Club Nationals where we strive to send as many members as possible to compete and represent Purdue.


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Workout Schedule

Here is our practice schedule:

Practices are led by our respective Swim, Bike and Run Captains. We always have workouts written for all ability levels and practices are a great way to socialize with other members of the team. Practices are never mandatory, but are the best way to improve and get to know people. Attendance is highly encouraged!

Please note that practice schedules are subject to change, so please see Slack for the most recent updates!!

Swim Practice

Morgan J. Burke Aquatics Center Comp Pool

Swim Practice

Morgan J. Burke Aquatics Center Comp Pool

Swim Practice

Morgan J. Burke Aquatics Center Comp Pool

Bike Practice

Meet at Aquatics circle behind Co Rec

Bike Practice

Meet at Aquatics circle behind Co Rec

Run Practice

Co Rec

Run Practice

Co Rec

Download the weekly schedule here.

Our Athletes

Club Executive Board

Speaker 5

Maggie Hewson

President & Swim Captain

Speaker 5

Colby Hertle

Race Director & Bike Captain

Speaker 5

Drew Nelson

Co-Run Captain

Speaker 6

George Limberakis

Social Director & Strength Captain

Speaker 5

Andrew Gray

Webmaster & Digital Media

Speaker 4

Kate Hutzel

Social Media Coordinator

Speaker 5

Bronson Vann

Fundraising Officer

Speaker 5

Brayden Walters

Travel Coordinator

Speaker 5

Diego Taboada-Cross

Safety Officer

Boilerman Triathlon

Visit the Boilerman website here.

Lake Freeman, Indiana

Boilerman is an annual Olympic distance triathlon hosted by Purdue Triathlon Club in Monticello, IN (for 2022). Boilerman is open to all individuals 18 years of age or older and also serves as the Mid-East Collegiate Conference (MECTC) conference championship.


Here are some popular races for our club members:

Hotel 1

Tri the Illini

Champaign, Illinois

Hotel 2


Lake Freeman, Indiana

Hotel 3

Collegiate Nationals

2024 Location TBD

Hotel 2

Ann Arbor Triathlon

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Sponsors & Partnerships


  • Club dues vary by membership tier, from $60 to $100 per year. For more information, please click here.

  • Absolutley! You are more than welcome to attend 1 week of practices before paying dues and officially joining the club.

  • Absolutley! We have athletes of all skill levels. If you are interested in at least one of these things (swimming, cycling, running, having fun) you can join our club!

  • As a club member, you can take advantage of discounts from our sponsors, training and racing support from our team captains, super cool team gear, frequent social events on campus, volunteering and community service opportunities, opportunities to compete in local and national races, and much more!

  • We have swimmers of all skill levels attend our practices. If you need help with freestyle or form work, our swim captain will be happy to help you.

  • Nope! Participation is as relaxed or competitive as you make it. You don't have to qualify to participate in races.

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