2023 Course Maps

All course maps are subject to change


[course updated 8/16/23] The race will begin with a sequence of wave starts based on competition level on the sandy beach (A) and finish on the concrete boat ramp (B). The exact course will be determined and announced prior to the race, but at this time we expect the actual course to follow this map. For the safety of our swimmers, lifeguards will be on duty both on shore and in boats, equipped to assist in the event help is needed.

Swim Course Map

There are three large and five small sighting buoys.


[course updated 9/14/23] The bike course will exit the race hub and proceed to the surrounding countryside in a counter-clockwise loop. Please note that these roads will NOT be closed to traffic, so proceed with an appropriate level of caution. Volunteers and/or Police Officers will be directing traffic at all intersections where turns are taken and/or where cyclists do not have right-of-way to provide cyclists the ability to proceed safely and unhindered. Turns will be marked on the road with orange marking paint. There will NOT be aid stations on the bike course, so please come prepared with necessary provisions.


[course updated 9/14/23] The run course will feature two cloverleaf course laps (where the whole course is traveled twice). Terrain encountered will include asphalt and gravel. Please note that some of this course overlaps with the bike course, so both runners and cyclists should be cognizant of other road users, including vehicular traffic. Aid stations will be provided in strategic locations to assist runners. As with the other legs of the race, the run course is subject to change and all changes will be announced prior to competition.

Run course aid station locations

Transition Map

Transition Map

[course updated 8/16/23]