Vetria L. Byrd, PhD

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Byrd Visualization Lab

"Visualzation is a Catalyst for Communication,
- a Conduit for Collaboration,
- a Pathway to STEM, and
- a Mechanism for Broadening Participation
- and Inclusion."

~ Vetria L. Byrd, PhD


The mission of the lab is to be a source for Visualization Capacity Building. To train students and postdoctoral fellows to be outstanding scientists and to serve as "Agents of Insight" who utilize visualization to enable scientific discovery, engage in multi-disciplinary collaborations and foster broader particiation and inclusion.


We aim to do really good rigorous science and publish that work in respected, scholarly places. We are excited about about the interdisciplinary topics we work on that include: uncertainty visualization (it's role and impact on reasoning in decision-making), big data, and high performance visualization. It is important that lab members learn, advance their careers and contribute to the scientific community.


It is the vision of the Byrd Visualization Laboratory, that each member develops and refine transferrable, marketable skills that serve as the foundation for successful careers in fields where persons knowledgeable in data visualization are in demand -- the global workforce, industry, research and academia.


The goals of the Byrd Visualization Laboratory are: (1) to bridge science, technology and the arts through visualization, (2) to serve as a resource for expertise that will enable visualization of what's expected and discover the unexpected in large, complex data, and (3) present visualizations of large data sets in non-overwhelming ways.

Knowledge of how to utilize visualization as a tool for insight in
data-rich environments leads to flexibility in scholarship and employment.
~ Vetria Byrd