Number of students graduated from my research program since 2007: 11 MS and 9 PhD
Current students | Past Students
Name Project Completion Date
Ankit Ghanghas (MS) TBD
Spring 2021
Tao Huang (PhD) TBD
Spring 2023
Jibin Joseph (PhD) TBD
Fall 2022
Alka Tiwari (PhD) Improving post-Hurricane Flood modeling utilizing recent Satellite Products
Spring 2022
Pin-Ching Li (PhD) TBD
Spring 2022
Jessica Eisma (PhD) Impact of small scale dams on water availability in East Africa
Spring 2020
Sayan Dey (PhD) Evaluating the Impact of Bathymetry on Hydraulic Modeling of Rivers
Summer 2020
Neel Salvi (MS) TBD
Spring 2020
Kuan-Hung Lin (MS) TBD
Spring 2020

Past Students
Name Thesis Current Employment
Siddharth Saksena (PhD, 2019) Integrated Flood Modeling for Improved Understanding of River-Floodplain Hydrodynamics: Moving Beyond Traditional Flood Mapping
Research Faculty, Virginia Tech.
Keighobad Jafarzadegan (PhD, 2019) Floodplain Mapping in Data-Scarce Environments Using Regionalization Techniques
Postdoc, U. of Alabama
Zhu Liu (PhD, 2018) Assessment of Epistemic Uncertainty in Flood Inundation Modeling
Postdoc, UC Davis
Zhenglyu Lyu (MS, 2018) Comparing the Effectiveness of Rain Barrels and Detention Ponds on Peak Flow Reduction in a Semi-Urban Watershed
Michael Baker International
Adnan Rajib (PhD, 2017) Improved Soil Moisture Accounting in Hydrologic Models
Faculty, TAMUK
Sayan Dey (MS, 2016) Role of River Bathymetry in Hydraulic Modeling of River Channels
PhD Student
Liuying Du (MS, 2016) Characterizing the Impact of Climate and Land Use Change on Blue and Green Water Over the Ohio River Basin, U.S.
Onyx Enterprise Inc.
Jessica Holberg (MS, 2015) Downward Model Development of the Soil Moisture Accounting Loss Method in HEC-HMS: Revelations Concerning the Soil Profile
PhD student
Kuk Hyun Ahn (PhD, 2014) Impact of Anthropogenic Activities on Hydroclimatological Variables
Faculty, KongJu Nat'l Univ.
Siddharth Saksena (MS, 2014) Investigating the Role of DEM Resolution and Accuracy on Flood Inundation Mapping
PhD Student
Nikhil Sangwan (MS, 2014) Floodplain Mapping using Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) Database
PhD Student
Lauren Gies (MS, 2013) Drought Policy Development and Assessment in East Africa Using Hydrologic and System Dynamics Modeling
Brian Meunier (MS, 2011) Prioritizing Levee Improvements
Christopher Burke Engineering
Eunjin Han (PhD, 2011) Soil Moisture Data Assimilation at Multiple Scales and Estimation of representative field scale Soil Moisture Characteristics
Researcher, IRI, Columbia Univ.
Younghun Jung (PhD, 2011) Uncertainty in Flood Inundation Mapping
Faculty, Kyungpook Nat'l Univ.
Kwangmin Kang (PhD, 2011) Object–oriented Hydrologic Modeling with GIS
USDA-ARS, UMD COllege Park
Sanjiv Kumar (PhD, 2011) Land Use Land Cover Change and Atmospheric Feedback: Impact on Regional Water Resources
Faculty, Auburn Univ.
Jared Wilkerson (MS, 2009) Regional regression equations to estimate synthetic unit hydrograph parameters for Indiana
American Structurepoint
Aaron Cook (MS, 2008) Comparison of one-dimensional HEC-RAS with two-dimensional FESWMS model in flood inundation mapping
Sanjiv Kumar (MS, 2008) Studying the effects of spatial scaling on hydrologic model calibration using Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT)
Faculty, Auburn Univ.

Undergraduate students
Student Project Program
Kensey Thurner
Studying streamflow trends in Indiana.
SURF 2007
Jonghun Kam
Studying streamflow trends in Indiana.
SURF 2007