Research in my group combines a comprehensive knowledge of materials science, materials chemistry, materials mechanics and advanced manufacturing to solve scientific and industrial problems in materials processing and applications ==============================================================================================================================================================================

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Group members:

PhD students:

(TMS2019 in San Antonio Texas where Siming gave his first presentation to an international conference)

MSc students:

Accepting applicantions for PhD for fall 2019 with possibility to apply for university fellowships. Also accepting MS applications.


a) Aluminum:

1) Aluminum grain refinement

2) Nanomanufacturing

2) In-situ fabrication of aluminum metal matrix composites

3) Secondary phases

4) Specialty Al alloys (Al-Sc related)

5) Diecasting of aluminum

Proposed a dynamic nucleation theory for the grain refinement of aluminum by using Al-Ti-B master alloys.

New lubricant for diecasting is commercialized (CastArmor LLC)

b) Magnesium:

c) Titanium:

1) Microstructure evolution of near-alpha Ti and beta-Ti alloys;

2) Biomedical applications of beta-Ti;

3) Fatigue of titanium jet engine components, dwell fatigue, low cycle fatigue and high cycle fatigue.

d) Transmission electron microscopy:

1) Deformation mechanics of HCP metals

2) Phase identification by EELS

e) Flexible Hybrid Electronics:

f) Fatigue of Light Metals:

Initiation and propagation of cracks in fatigue

g) Additive manufacturing:

Beta-Ti for biomedical applications; H13 steel for die casting

High strength aluminum matrix composites: Trask fund


Principle Investigator (PI):

On-demonding Casting of Net-shape Titanium Components for Improved Weapon Systems, DOD $400,000 (2018- 2023)

Refractory for Melting Aluminum, Ryobi Diecasting (USA) INC $5,000 (2018-2019)

Additive Manufacture of High Strength Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites, PRF $25,000 (2017-)

Magnesium diecasting alloy development, Eon Technology (China) $26,000 (2016-2018)

Microstructure characterization of titanium wires, Medtronic INC $18,000 (2015-2019)

Co-Principle Investigator (Co-PI):

Laboratory & University Core Facility Research Equipment: High Cycle Fatigue Test System, Purdue University $20,000 (2015)

Die Lube Chemistry Optimization, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles $80,000 (2015)

Investigation of Squeeze Casting vs Die Casting for Structural Aluminum Parts, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles $80,000 (2015)


Member of TMS Honors & Professional Recognition Committee, 2019- 

Organizer/Co-organizer, Symposia on Light Metal Technology/Multifunctional ceramic- and Metal-matrix Composites in Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) 2019, Portland OR, USA

Organizing and Academic Committee Member, COM2020, Toronto, Canada

Founder/Co-Owner, CastArmor LLC. a company produces active lubricant for the die-casting of high strength and high ductility aluminum alloys, 2018-

Member of an award Committee of TMS, 2016-

Member of Board of Review (Key Reader), Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, since 2016-

Member of Board of Review (Key Reader), Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, since 2018-

Member of Materials Section Committee, Metallurgy and Materials Society, Canada, since 2016-

Co-organizer for symposia on Light Metal Technology (co-organizing with CIM) /Multifunctional ceramic- and Metal-matrix Composites in Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) 2018, Columbus OH, USA

Invited talk and session chair, TMS 2018, Phoenix, USA

Organizer, the first symposium on Light Metal Technology in Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) 2016, Salt Lake City USA

Organizing and Academic Committee Member and Session chair, COM2014, Vacouver, Canada

Organizing and Academic Committee Member and Session chair, COM2015, Toronto, Canada

Invited talk, TMS 2016, Nashville, USA

Reviewer for journals and NSF(USA) & NSERC (Canada) proposals


Entrepreneureship Learning Academy Award to Xiaoming Wang, Purdue Discovery Park (April 2019)

Former group members:

Dr. YongSheng Wang (visiting scholar), Taiyuan University of Technology, 11/01/2017-11/01/2018

Dr. Jie Song, Postdoc 2/28/2017- 8/27/2018

Miss. Dan Huang (MSc, thesis base) 2016.08 -2018. 05, PhD student with Civil Engineering at Purdue 2018-

Mr. Xingtao Liu (MSc, thesis base) 2015.08 -2017. 05, and PhD student under my name with Purdue Polytechnic Institute 2017.08- 2018.08 (not completed).

Mr. Haibin Ma, (MSc, thesis base) 2015.01-2016.05, Engineer of American Aaxle and Manufacturing, 2016.07-

Mr. Qiheng Liu (MSc, 3+1+1 course base) 2017. 01-2017. 08

Professor Hongmei Zhu (visiting scholar), from Southen China University, 10/2017-7/30/2018

Professor Jian Liu (visiting scholar), from Xi'An University of Technology, 2/22/2017-2/23/2018

Mr. He Li (visiting PhD student), from Beijing University of Technology 09/2017-03/2018

Mr. Jinyao Yu (visiting undergraduate student), from Central South University, 2017.01.17-02.17


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