Purdue University

Department of Computer Science

CS 191
- Freshmen Resources Seminar, Fall 2013

Course Objectives:

This course is intended to integrate freshman majors in computer science to the department, help them adjust to university life, and assist them in developing professional, academic, and intellectual skills. Weekly recitation sections enable the students to work with academic advisors and to develop collaborative teaming skills.

Course Staff:


William Crum (HAAS G-26)
Academic Advisors:  

Vicki Gilbert, Faith Giordano, Tracy Harrington-Atkinson (LWSN 1123)

Class Large Lecture Meeting: Fridays at 11:30 - CL50 224

Class Small Group Meeting Times/Locations:

Course - CRN Recitation Advisor
59973, 43071 Tuesday 10:30 Tracy Harrington-Atkinson
59893, 13163 Tuesday 11:30 Vicki Gilbert
65413 Tuesday 12:30 Faith Giordano
65414, 65415 Tuesday 1:30 Tracy Harrington-Atkinson
13159 Wednesday 11:30 Tracy Harrington-Atkinson
59890 Wednesday 11:30 Vicki Gilbert
59886, 59891 Wednesday 1:30 Vicki Gilbert
13158, 52640 Thursday 11:30 Tracy Harrington-Atkinson
59892, 59889 Thursday 1:30 Faith Giordano
59972, 48954 Friday 3:30 Faith Giordano

Required Materials:


To earn a passing grade in CS 191 students must accomplish:

The submission of all assignments that meet the expectations of the instructor. Assignments that do not meet expectations will be returned to be re-submitted OR will be regarded as incomplete at the discretion of the instructor. Late work is not accepted. Each incomplete or unsatisfactory assignment will count as an absence from the meeting at which the assignment was due.


You are required to attend AND successfully participate in clicker exercises for 13 of the 15 meetings this semester. 

Course Schedule:

The course will meet in a small group section with the academic advisors and on Fridays meets in the large lecture. Both components of the course are required.

Week Of Small Group Topic Large Lecture Topic
August 19 Introduction, Academic Resources Introduction and Overview
August 26 Resumes, Career Fairs, Student Organizations Career Center and Student Panel
September 2 Time Management Collaborative Teaming
September 9 Team Building Corporate Partner: Qualcomm
September 16 Plan of Study CS Student Organizations
September 23 Team Building #2 Rita Baker - Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Carla Zoltowski - EPICS
September 30 Assignment Reviews Academic Integrity
October 7 October Break
No Class
Introduction to CS 190

Web Site:

All relevant class information is presented on the CS 191 Blackboard Learn site.  It is expected that you check the web site frequently for updates. 

This syllabus is subject to change with notice in lecture and/or on Blackboard.