Purdue University

Department of Computer Science

CS 291 - Sophomore Development Seminar, Fall 2010

Course Time/Location:  Wednesdays and Fridays 2:30pm in HAAS G-66

Course Objectives:

  1. To prepare undergraduate students for the challenge of pursuing professional opportunities.
  2. To present corporate representatives and undergraduates recently completing professional experiences students and introduce students to the variety of fields in which computer science graduates seek careers.
  3. To present faculty that will introduce the areas within computer science and describe opportunities for students interested in undergraduate research.

Course Staff:

Bill Crum (HAAS G-26)
Manager of Corporate Relations:  Jean Jackson Career Services Consultant:  Cher Yazvac

Important Dates (Career Fair Events):

Date Meeting
Speaker/Topic Opportunity Update Feed
August 25 1 Introduction and CCO services  
August 27 2 CCO - Resumes
September 1 3 CCO - Career Fairs
September 3 4 CCO - Interviewing
September 8 5 Allston Trading - Ryan Maus
September 9   Computer Roundtable - Purdue Memorial Union North & South Ballrooms - 9:00am - 3:30pm
September 10 6 Intern Panel #1 Quinn Damerell, Arjun Bhasin
Alex Younts, George Beuhler
September 12   Corporate Partner Mixer - 7pm PMU Bowling Alley
September 13   CS Career Fair - 6pm PMU Ballrooms
September 14 & 15   Industrial Roundtable 
September 15 7 Google + Intern Panel
September 17 8 Graduate School Panel
September 22 9 State Farm - Luke Wellman
September 24 10 Dr. Yuan Qi - Artificial Intelligence
September 29 11 Beckman Coulter - Bob Zigon
October 1 12 EPICS
October 6 13 Dr. Rodriguez-Rivera - Systems Programming
October 8 14 Qualcomm - Gary Osumi
October 13 15 Intern Panel #2  Josh Zehner, Emily Friesen, Nilmini Abeyratne, Rakesh Veeramacheneni
October 15 16 Dr. Xavier Tricoche - Computer Graphics

Computer Science Company Days in Lawson Commons area:

Week Of Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
August 30 Cisco   Cerner    
September 6 Labor Day   Allston Trading   Freddie Mac
September 13     Google    
September 20 Raytheon   State Farm Insurance    
September 27 Beckman Coulter   Amazon    
October 4 FactSet   Qualcomm    
October 11 October Break Lockheed Martin    
October 18     Microsoft    

Assignments (to be formally posted Blackboard):


The last day to drop CS 291 is September 22, 2010.  See you advisor for more information regarding withdrawing from any course.

This syllabus is subject to change with notice in lecture and/or on Blackboard.