Some key moments in the French Revolution, 1789- 1794


January 24

Louis XVI summons the Estates General


May 5

Estates General convenes


June 20

The “Tennis Court Oath”


July 11

Louis dismisses Necker, a popular minister


July 14

Storming of the Bastille


August 4

Abolition of feudal (noble, clerical) rights


August 26

Declaration of the Rights of Man


October 5-6

The Wives’ March; Louis “kidnapped” back to Paris





May 19

National Assembly abolishes the nobility


July 12

Civil Constitution of the French Clergy


November 27

Clergy instructed to swear allegiance to France





March 10

Pope Pius VI condemns the Civil Constitution of the Clergy


June 20-21

Louis & Marie Antoinette flee; captured at Varennes


August 27

Declaration of Pillnitz: Austria & Prussia express support for Louis



New Constitution ratified (with support of Louis)





April 20

France declares war on Austria


April 25

First use of guillotine


June 13

Prussia declares war on France


August 9

Paris Commune established


August 10

Parisians storm Tuileries palace; end of Louis XVI’s power


September 20

French cannons drive back Prussians at Valmy


September 21

French Republic proclaimed





January 21

Louis XVI executed


February 1

France declares war on Britain and Netherlands


April 6

Committee of Public Safety founded


June 24

New Constitution proclaimed


August 12

Mass conscription instituted


October 5

Republican calendar adopted


October 16

Marie Antoinette executed





July 28

Robespierre guillotined