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"Monk Muk Koe Yuan has instituted the following Ten Commandments:

  1. The Art must be practiced continuously.
  2. The Art must be used only in emergency for self-defense or to protect those who need your help.
  3. Deference and respect must be shown to Master and elder students.
  4. A student must be forever friendly, benevolent and honest to all his colleagues.
  5. The Art must never be demonstrated to profane audience, even being aimed to settle prejudices or refute accusations. 
  6. An Art practitioner must never be belligerent. 
  7. Abstinence in eating and drinking must be observed. 
  8. The Art should not be taught rashly since Its spiritual, energetic and physical foundation can only be transmitted to one who is gentle and cast in a simple mould.
  9. An Art practitioner must control a sexual desire.
  10. The Art must be free of aggressivness, impudence and greed."