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1.            Follow Kung-Fu Commandments in your daily life and practice.
2.            All students perform a full formal greeting to Shifu at the beginning and the end of each class.
3.            Students perform a short formal greeting (bow) when entering or leaving practice room.
4.            Students perform a short formal greeting (bow) before and after doing a form (dance) for Shifu.
5.            Students bow to Shifu and to each other before sparring and in reverse order after sparring.
6.            Do not be late for class. If so, ask Shifu permission to join others, then do full formal greeting for everyone when told so.
7.            Bow to Shifu each time you need to leave practice even for a short time.
8.            Bow to Shifu each time you ask a question during the practice.
9.            Do not talk, spit or drink during class.
10.          During form perfomance or sparring session do not lean on the walls or sit down, stay still and watch silently.
11.          Bow simply to each other before any sparring without Shifu supervision.
12.          If you need to stop sparring, bow to your opponent first, the opponent must stop immideately at that sign, then sparring will be stopped by Shifu.
13.          Greet Shifu and your fellow students with short bow outside the practice even in informal situation.
14.          Do not skip practice unless there is a reason, notify your Shifu in advance if possible. Students who missed more than two weeks without an excuse and notification may be expelled from the school.