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HISTORY OF Yellow Dragon Kung-fu Style

Style "Yellow Dragon" is authentic Chinese martial art that originated in Shaolin Monastery. According to the legend the style was founded by Shaolin monk Huang Long who decorated his queue by yellow ribbons. Shaolin gong-fu was invented to help monks in their seach of enlightment which assumes a great level of control over one's own body and mind.

Sometime ago a Chinese Master brought this Art to Peru where "Yellow Dragon" school was established in Ayachucho, a city in south-central Peru. This is where Master Oscar Neri Gamarra Morales was taught this style. In early 1980s Master Oscar Gamarra arrives to Soviet Union to study medical science and become a doctor. He settles down in eastern Ukrainian city Kharkov where he starts teaching people Kung-fu.

After Master Gamarra's departure to Peru in 1992 several of his students continued the tradition in Kharkov. One of them, Mikhail Brozgol, currently teaches the style in Kharkov, Ukraine. His student Sergei Pertsevoi, teaches the style in another Ukrainian city Zaporozhye and another student Andrey Zhalnin teaches "Yellow Dragon" style in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.