Yellow Dragon Kung-fu Style

Style "Yellow Dragon" is an integral system of Chinese gong-fu (kung-fu) that provides structured physical and technical training at beginner levels, as well as energy and meditation practice at the advanced levels. Fighting techniques include strikes, sweeps, push-hands, sticky-hands, and joint locks. Style phylosophy is based on Chan-Buddhism phylosophy.

History of Yellow Dragon

In early 1980s Master Oscar Neri Gamarra Morales from Ayacucho, Peru, arrived to USSR to study medical science and become a doctor. He brought his knowledge of Chinese gong-fu along with him and started to teach people.

Kung-fu commandments

Kung-fu commandments were established by Shaolin monks in 16th century and are rules of conduct and guidance to a lifestyle for anyone who practices kung-fu.

Word from the Grandmaster

Learn the message Shifu Oscar Gamarra left for his students while teaching kung-fu in Kharkov. It is addressed to all kung-fu adepts.

Rules of Conduct

Learn proper etiquette for Yellow Dragon Kung-fu School students. Be respectful of Shifu, Training Hall and your fellow students.


Browse through photos of Yellow Dragon followers from different time periods and geographies.


Yellow Dragon style of kung-fu includes all the traditional Shaolin kung-fu techniques of fighting.

Instructors and School Chapters

Learn about who currently teaches Yellow Dragon style of kung-fu around the world and where school chapters are located.

Yellow Dragon at Purdue

Find out schedule of Yellow Dragon kung-fu classes that are held on Purdue campus and in Lafayette area.