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"Yellow Dragon" style style includes techniques of the following 12 animals:

  1. Horse
  2. Panther
  3. Dragon
  4. Tiger
  5. Cat
  6. Lion
  7. Eagle
  8. Crane
  9. Cobra
  10. Octopus
  11. Scorpio
  12. Deer

Each animal possesses its own character, thus each animal style helps to develop certain qualities in practitioner. All together, they create a comprehensive knowledge about movement, fighting and help to reveal and develop individual traits of any personality.

Dragon is the principal style of the school. This stance is a connection hub for all other animal techniques. It provides the most potential for the development of motion. Dragon is a symbol of wisdom and power in Chinise religion, mythology and phylosophy.

Generally, the curriculum of training is divided into two major parts: beginning level and special or advanced level. Beginning level is studied during the first two years and includes all major moving patterns, stances, kicks, punches, push-hands, sweeps, throws. It prepares the student for the much more demanding advanced level. It also includes QiGong - an important component in development of proper inner energy flow.