I am a master’s student at Purdue University, and a system researcher at Crossroads System Exploration Lab(XSEL), advised by Prof. Felix Xiaozhu Lin.

I enjoy system building/hacking to address new chanllenges. My previous projects involve Linux kernel, binary translation and secure edge processing.

I also hack hardware for research purposes. My favorite editor is Emacs.

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  1. [arXiv] Transkernel: An Executor for Commodity Kernels on Peripheral Cores
    Liwei Guo*, Shuang Zhai*, Yi Qiao, Felix Xiaozhu Lin, arXiv:1811.05000, Nov 2018. (*co-primary)

  2. [arXiv] StreamBox-TZ: A Secure IoT Analytics Engine at the Edge
    Heejin Park, Shuang Zhai, Long Lu, and Felix Xiaozhu Lin, arXiv:1808.05078, Aug 2018.

  3. [HotMobile’17] Decelerating Suspend and Resume in Operating Systems
    Shuang Zhai, Liwei Guo, Xiangyu Li, and Felix Xiaozhu Lin, in Proc. ACM Int. Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications, 2017.
    [Slides] [Poster]

  4. Decelerating I/O Power Management
    Shuang Zhai and Felix Xiaozhu Lin, The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Symposium, 2016. Paper 130.