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Conference 2017 Space & Society: Governing our Galaxy!


This year's conference on Space & Society: Governing the Galaxy is nearly completed and our dates finalized for April 7-8, 2017. 

 Additionally, we will feature an interactive workshop on Saturday designed to give students the skills to understand space and other technological systems in a societal and policy context. The workshop will be by application only so visit www.spusa.org/space for more information!

Here is the running line-up of our confirmed speakers:

Dr. Robert Zubrin - Founder and CEO of Mars Society, aerospace engineer, and author, best known for his advocacy of the manned exploration of Mars. His presentation will focus on his advocacy for Mars human exploration.

Mr. Daniel Dumbacher - Former deputy associate administrator at NASA Headquarters with a 35-year career tenure and Professor of Practice for Purdue College of Engineering. His presentation will feature the privatization of space travel.

Dr. Jay Melosh - Geophysicist, renowned as an expert on impact cratering, and Purdue EAPS Distinguished Professor. His presentation will be Asteroid Armageddon: The Human Response.

We will send more information for the registration link next week and we hope to see you there!