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AS-1 Seismograph and AmaSeis Information:



Photograph of the AS-1 seismometer.


The AS-1 Seismograph – Installation, Operation, Magnitudes, Calibration, Ideas for Classroom Use


Procedure for determining earthquake magnitude from seismograms from the AS-1 seismograph.  Examples of AS-1 recordings are shown.  A method of relative calibration of the AS-1 is also provided.  Information on installation, operation, magnitude, ideas for classroom use.  L. Braile’s web pages.







An online magnitude calculator for the AS-1 seismograph and AmaSeis software.  By inputting arrival amplitude, wave period and epicenter-to-station distance in degrees, the earthquake magnitude is calculated.  Complete documents describing the calculator can also be downloaded in MS Word or PDF format, as well as a version that can run locally on your computer.


WLIN AS-1 Display

WLIN AS-1 Seismograph near real time display (updated every 10 minutes).  Seismograph is in West Lafayette, Indiana.


AS-1 Results

Illustration of results of earthquake monitoring with the AS-1 Seismometer and AmaSeis Software.  Examples of recorded seismograms and earthquake catalog are described and shown.  Comparisons of S-P distance determinations and Magnitude calculations with official results are shown.




AS-1 Teaching Modules

Teaching modules and resources for use with the AS-1 seismograph and seismograms and the AmaSeis software.  Includes S minus P earthquake location, magnitude calculations, a tutorial for using AmaSeis, and an activity relating to the frequency of occurrence of earthquakes.  There are eight modules or resources listed.



IRIS AS-1 Information including AS-1 Station Map


IRIS Education and Outreach site.  Seismograph station map (also see below) and the IRIS Seismographs in Schools Program.  Seismographs utilize the AS-1 seismometer and the AmaSeis software.


The Amateur Seismologist


The Amateur Seismologist website.  Information on the   AS-1 Seismograph.



AmaSeis Software


Alan Jones’ website.  Download the AmaSeis software for use with the AS-1 Seismograph or viewing seismograms (such as SAC files from IRIS/WILBER or AS-1 seismograms from SpiNet).





The SpiNet Website

Science Education Solutions’ SpiNet site.  Information about the AS-1 Seismograph and AmaSeis software.  Seismograms from AS-1 seismographs (or other seismograms in SAC format) can be uploaded and downloaded for convenient data sharing.

Alan Kafka’s Website


AS-1 Web View


How Web View Works

Alan Kafka’s website.  As-1 Seismograph information and a web view of an operating seismograph that is updated every 10 minutes.  Also, description of how the web view works.



WinQuake Software



WinQuake software for viewing and analyzing seismograms.


John Lahr’s AS-1 Information



AS-1 information from John Lahr.  The page includes links to photos of the AS-1 and examples of seismograms.


AS-1 Calibration



Information on calibration of the AS-1 seismograph from Tim Long.  A seismograph response curve is provided.




The Live Internet Seismic Server (LISS) from the USGS Albuquerque Seismology Laboratory provides up to date (updated every 30 minutes) images of 24-hour seismograph records useful for comparison with local records.





Indiana PEPP Website

Website for the Indiana University PEPP program supporting educational seismographs.  Contains many links to near real time seismogram sites where one can view online earthquake data.


USGS Distance Calculator

An online tool for calculating the distance (geocentric angle in degrees) from an earthquake epicenter to a seismograph station.  The site also includes a travel time curve plot, travel time tables and expected amplitude information.  Useful for distance calculations for AS-1 S-P distance and magnitude calculations.

Educational Seismograph 
(and other educational
seismology) Mailserver:
For full instructions on
subscribing, unsubscribing,
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FAQs and other Information


Rob Mellor’s page with AS-1 FAQs and other information and links.  Instructions and address for signing up for the IRIS-ED listserve.


Locations of schools that are using AS-1 seismographs.


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