We are always looking for graduate students to research hurricanes or severe thunderstorms and climate. Please email Dan (dchavas@purdue.edu) for more information and/or to ask any questions. I’d love to hear about your background and interests and let you know more about myself, our group, and our department. We need to increase participation from underrepresented groups in our field at every level. Individuals from any such group are especially encouraged to shoot Dan an email, and are also strongly encouraged to apply for this free 2-day visit to Purdue in October to learn about graduate school in EAPS and at Purdue (here's a PDF flyer for the program. Apply now! portal closes April 15th).

Current Group Members

Aaron Kruskie

Danyang Wang (Post-doc)
Research topic: tropical cyclone size
Started 2022

Aaron Kruskie

Aaron Kruskie (PhD)
Research topic: something fun!
Started 2021

Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson (Post-doc)
Research topic: seasonal hurricane variability
Started 2021

Jhordanne Jones

Jhordanne Jones (Post-doc)
Research topic: seasonal hurricane variability
Started 2021

Funing Li

Funing Li (PhD)
Research topic: climate and severe thunderstorms
Started 2018

Kuan-Yu Lu

Kuan-Yu Lu (PhD)
Research topic: tropical cyclones
Started 2019

Valeria Garcia (UG)
Research topic: exohurricanes

Past Group Members

Jie Chen (PhD 2021; now post-doc at Princeton): physics of tropical cyclone landfall (paper 1, paper 2, paper 3 (structure) coming soon...)

Jilong Chen (Post-doc 2019-2020)

Kim Hoogewind (Post-doc 2017-2018; now research scientist at OU CIWRO): global tropical cyclone count (Paper)

Sai Bhalachandran (PhD 2018; now post-doc at JPL): tropical cyclone asymmetries (Thesis)

Shawn Simmons (M.S. 2018): severe weather environments (Thesis)

Isaac Davis (UG, 2021): climate and severe thunderstorms

Julianna Heptinstall (UG, 2021): exohurricanes

Noah Tewksbury (UG, 2019): historical hurricanes

Heather Craker (UG, 2019): hurricane structure

Katie O'Malley (UG, 2019): freezing rain

Zhanxiang Hua (UG, 2017-2018): tornadoes and terrain (Paper)

Will McNulty (UG, 2017-18): winter storms (JPUR Research Highlight, Fall 2018)

Corey Combs (UG, 2017): winter weather

Derek Dalman (UG, 2017): winter weather

Evan Alexa (UG, 2017): tornado damage swath analysis

Justin Buckingham (UG, 2016): tropical convection

Doug Miller (UG, 2016): tropical cyclone size