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Jan 14: Intro

  Dragga and Voss "Cruel Pies"   Propen's Portal, Bibliography, Bibliography 2,   Edward Tufte, Edwin Black, USHMM, Lilo & Me (Kip Fullbeck)
Jan 21: Designing   Ehn "Manifesto for a Digital Bauhaus", Latour, Iconoclash   useit,, UCD @ IBM, Ehn Babblefish translation of LaFontaine, Bauhaus Archive, Dehomag
Jan 28: Theorizing  

Image interpretation, Projectors, Technical

  Found Magazine, Resources for Reading Kress, Bibliographic entry for Barry   Image Issues, OJ, INDesign, Photo Simulations, Hoffman1, 2*
Feb 4: Triangulating   Mars Rover, Hubble: Color as Tool, NRAO images   Eric Otto on Mitchell, Susan Reilly on Mitchell   Flash! Animation, Escher, Challenger, Extreme Bible Stories, Period Styles
Feb 11: Description  

Johnson-Eilola, Spatial Hypertext, Metaphorical Confusion

  Nardi & O'Day, #143, CartoonBoy, Puppet   Shelley Jackson, Passion Trailer, Big Dig, Site Map, Karl's Theory
Feb 18: Observation to Action   Towards a Rhetoric of Visuals (Barton & Barton)   Cybergeography, Peter's Map, ODT   Discipline Maps:Blankert, Ding, Blankert #2, Ramsey, , , ,
Feb 25: Praxis  

Johnson-Eilola &Selber, Towards Theory

  Praxis, EdBlogger, Praxis Group   Kostelnick (1989), Rhetoric of Typography
Mar 3: Action   Visual Rhetoric in Advertising, Images in Advertising, Analogies, Social, Speaking of Art   Adbusters, Tibor Kalman, UnDesign   (Visual) Rhetorical Handbook, Learning by Designing
Mar 10: Reversion/Revision  

Pattern Recognition, Reviews, NPR Interview

  Pattern Recognition: Research, Technology, Science   Jameson's Review of PR, Monbiot on Globalization/Outsourcing
Mar 17: Spring Break   Spring Break   No class
Mar 24: CCCC  


  CCCC Convention, Program
Mar 31: Art & Resistance  

Picasso's War

  Guernica, No Gun Ri Picasso sketches
Apr 7: Articulation   Enculturation, Perspective, Pre/Text, Kairos   Reader as User, Survey the Body Electric Vision resource
Apr 14: Presentinations  

PowerPoint in the Classroom, Example

  Tufte on PowerPoint, David Byrne on PowerPoint
Apr 21: Teaching   Handa, Sirc, Williams (1), Shauf, Spinuzzi, Desmet, Slatin, Sullivan, Williams (2)   Wysoki, Syverson, Wickliff&Yancey, Allen, Benz, Halio, Handa Biblio
Apr 28: Re-presenting  

Revision, OWL

May 1   Final Projects Due


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