See some of our videos at our  YouTube and Vimeo pages.

A few examples are also embeded below:

Particle Catcher on a Hybrid Rocket.  Watch Chris Zaseck’s particle catcher in action.

Flash ignition of Al-PMF, propellants with Al-inclusion material, and hypergolic ignition of solid fuels. This movie was entered in to a Combustion Institute meeting art contest.

Aluminum - water ice propellant (ALICE) This is a video describing the initial development of a nanoscale aluminum and water ice (ALICE) propellant.  This work was done by a collaborative effort between Purdue and Penn State University and was funded by AFOSR and NASA.  The support of Dr. Mitat Birkan is particularly noted.  Applications include in situ propellants.  Much work remains to improve performance.

Video of a reactive our ink

High Speed Imaging of our reactive ink

Mechanically Activated Aluminum and PMF (A Fluorinated Graphite).  This shows the change in ignition/reaction properties of aluminum with nanoscale inclusions of a fluorinated graphite (polycarbon monofluoride or PMF).  This shows that this material can be ignited by a camera flash. 

Mechanically Activated Aluminum Burn Tests.  This shows some simple burn tests of various aluminum powders and demonstrates the reactivity of mechanically activated aluminum.  © sson 2016