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Yellow Dragon Kung-fu Style Gallery

The gallery below reflects the history of Yellow Dragon Kung-fu Style. People from many countries, living on different continents, have being embracing the style and leaving their traces in Yellow Dragon history.

Kharkov, Ukraine, 1980-90s

A collection of photos from early days of Yellow Dragon presence in Kharkov, Ukraine, featuring school founder Oscar Gamarra and his students.

Kharkov, Ukraine, 2000

A collection of photos from around 2000 of Yellow Dragon Kung-fu students in Kharkov under guidance of Shifu Mikhail Brozgol

Kharkov, Ukraine, 2002

Yellow Dragon Kung-fu group in Kharkov in 2002, starring students-winners of several regional tournaments.

West lafayette, indiana, 2003

First students on West Lafayette campus when Yellow Dragon Kung-fu Club at Purdue was started in 2003.

West lafayette, indiana, 2007

Yellow Dragon Kung-fu Club at Purdue put on display at Chinese New Year Show in 2007.

kharkov, ukraine, 2008

Yellow Dragon School students work hard at practice in Kharkov, Ukraine. Photos taken during Shifu Andrey's visit to Ukraine in 2008.

West Lafayette, Indiana, 2010

Shifu Andrey and his student Brian practice in Horticulture Park, West Lafayette, Indiana.