PSPE Rube Goldberg Team


As some may have heard, at this season's National Competition.
The 2014-2015 season's task is to
"Erase a Chalkboard".
This seems to be an interesting challenge to solve this season. This season will prove to be another interesting and innovative machine. As always, this task shall prove to yield some crazy machines. But with a task like this, it sounds like we better take a shining to it!


In the spring of 1998, freshman engineer Shawn Jordan approached the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers with a proposal: starting a new Rube Goldberg team on Purdue's campus. With the help of then-president Karen Davis, a new group began designing and building a machine. The first machines were built with nearly no budget, meaning that cardboard, duct tape, and job fair give-a-ways were the primary components. The temporary nature of these materials made reliability a challenge for the dedicated group of individuals, whose creativity shined through in the machines they took to competition.