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In the spring of 1998, freshman engineer Shawn Jordan approached the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers with a proposal: starting a new Rube Goldberg team on Purdue's campus. With the help of then-president Karen Davis, a new group began designing and building a machine. The first machines were built with nearly no budget, meaning that cardboard, duct tape, and job fair give-a-ways were the primary components. The temporary nature of these materials made reliability a challenge for the dedicated group of individuals, whose creativity shined through in the machines they took to competition.


Our 2015-2016 team is made up of a wide variety of dedicated individuals who have put in countless hours to build an amazing machine.

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Our Machine

Our 2016 machine takes viewers back to a 50's main street, where we travel through the general store, a Rube's Diner, and finally stop at the park for some delicious ice cream.

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