Chandana Medasani

Swagath Venkataramani

Safety Officer
Nawanol Theera-Ampornpunt

Community Service
Afiq Ady

Vijay Balasubramaian

Mark & Hiroko Tomac

Faculty Advisor
Kaushik Roy

Contact us at

We also have a Facebook group here. If you are not yet a member of the club please contact us using email.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • I am not affiliated with Purdue. Can I join the club?
        Yes, you can.
  • Can I join the club right now?
        Yes, you can. No matter what day of the year it is, we are open for new members. Come to one of our practice sessions to join.
  • Do I need to come to every session?
        No. We are a recreational club. You can come as often or as little as you like.