Purdue Linguistics Association Constitution

Article I


The name of this organization is the Purdue Linguistics Association, hereafter referred to as PLA.

Article II


The purpose of this organization is to enhance the linguistics experience of students at Purdue University. This can be accomplished through organizing conferences, hosting speakers, social gatherings, publications, program planning discussion, tutoring, field trips to speakers off-campus, giving presentations on- and off-campus, intramural sports, and affiliation with other linguistic associations.

Article III

Definition of Membership

Membership is open to Purdue University students, faculty, and staff. Faculty and staff are eligible for adjunct membership only; adjunct members may not vote in elections, nor may they hold office. Membership shall be divided into the following types:

  1. General Membership is open to any student who:
    • attends a meeting;
    • expresses an interest in becoming a member; and
    • has his or her name added to the membership roster.
  2. An associate member is a graduated member who decides to remain affiliated with the Purdue Linguistics Association.
  3. An honorary member may be designated as such by the PLA President.
  4. An adjunct member is a faculty or staff member who meets the qualification of general membership.

Active membership is open only to students who meet the qualifications for General Membership and pay annual dues. All student members are active members unless they have become inactive. An inactive member is an active member who has failed to pay dues for the academic year. An inactive member may be reinstated as an active member when the member pays dues.

Only active members may vote and hold office.

Dues are calculated in response to budgetary allocations at the beginning of each academic year but are not to exceed $20 per academic year. Members may pay their dues anytime during the academic year, preferably at the beginning of the fall semester. Members may pay their dues to the treasurer.

Membership and participation are free from discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, language, dialect, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or veteran status.

All forms of hazing are prohibited by Purdue University both on and off campus. See the “Policy Against Hazing” here: Student Activities and Organizations Policy Against Hazing.

Article IV


The officers are president, vice-president, treasurer, workshop chair, and social chair. There will also be ad hoc officers as needed by the PLA. All officers must be active members.


  • Establish an officer meeting time and placeholder
  • Prepare an ageneda for each officer meeting and distribute it to officers
  • Call larger meetings with the general membership as needed or desired


  • Plan membership Call-Out in the fall semester, selecting a time, date, and location
  • Prepare agenda for Call-Out and order food

Club Registration

  • Ensure the organization is registered every year with BOSO by filling out the paperwork for that

Liaison with Department and BOSO

  • Keep department head and advisor in the loop about PLA happenings and maintain good communication
  • Serve as contact point for BOSO


  • Serve as co-chair for symposium

General Errands/Tasks

  • Help out where needed
  • Fill in for other officers as the need arises

Vice President:

  • Serve as co-chair for symposium
  • Recruit members for symposium planning committee


  • Call elections in April

General Errands/Tasks

  • Fill in for president when the president is unable to fulfilll his/her duties
  • Help out where needed
  • Fill in for other officers as the need arises


  • Create annual PLA budget
  • Log PLA expenses and track spending for each line item in the PLA budget
  • Advise PLA president on all money matters/purchases
  • Keep accounts, deposit the organization's funds and make expenditures in a manner approved by the Business Office for Student Organizations


  • In cases where PLA members make purchases on behalf of PLA using their personal credit/debit card, submit receipts to BOSO for reimbursement


  • Create budget for Purdue Linguistics Symposium and log expenses/track spending
  • Set up TooCOOL store front for registration fees


  • Apply for PGSG GSOGA Grant in order to secure PLA funding for the next academic year

Workshop Chair:
LING Lunches

  • Reach out to potential speakers
  • Organize dates for presentations
  • Communicate with person responsible for making flyers and advertisements
  • Order food for LING Lunches and be accountable for receipts
  • Set up presentation room

Social Chair:
Coffee Hour

  • Confirm time at beginning of semesters
  • Purchase treats/coffee and be accountable for receipts
  • Set up or arrange set up and clean up
  • Give receipts to treasurer for reimbursement

Social Events

  • Plan roughly 1 event per month (ice skating, dinner trivia, potlucks, etc.)
  • Create and distribute flyers for events
  • Create and distribute Facebook event for events
  • Collect any associated receipts and give to treasurer for reimbursement


  • Distribute weekly PLA announcement each week
  • Send reminder emails for events as they happen
  • Coordinate with department head on joint events like retirement parties
  • Arrange signing of cards and gifts for major life events

Ad hoc:
Ad hoc officers may be appointed to fulfill the needs of a specific project for any length of time. These positions will be approve by the PLA officers by a simple majority and individuals may be nominated by an officer, a member, or may nominate themselves if officers make the need known to all members. The ad hoc positions can include but are not limited to:

  • Website Developer: the goal of the website developer is to complete maintenance and revisions to the website
  • Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG) Senator: the Senator will represent the needs of the students in the LING program and the needs and concerns of graduate students in general. The PGSG Senator will provide regular updates from the PGSG to the PLA Listserv. The PGSG Senator will also seek input from the PLA officers and membership as necessary to fully represent the needs and concerns of graduate students.
  • Past President: The Past President is a position to be held by the President of PLA who immediately preceded the current PLA President. The Past President will be consulted as necessary by the PLA President to provide advice and guidance to the PLA President and Officers.

Any member meeting the requirements of General Membership may be nominated and run for office. Nominations for all elected officers will be collected via email in April. A list of nominees and a short biography of each nominee will be distributed to all active members. Ballots are cast via email or Qualtrics survey. Officers must be elected by a majority of members voting in the election. Nominees receiving the majority vote must accept the position orally or in writing before they assume office.

Officers are elected at the end of the spring term. The term of office is one year, from election to election. The term of office for the advisor is one year or until one of the parties wishes to discontinue the appointment.

If an office is vacant, a candidate may be nominated by the President and approved by a majority of the remaining PLA officers.

Any member may call for the removal of an officer by submitting a written request to the President. If the President is the officer in question, the request is to be submitted to the advisor. The President or advisor will send a warning letter discussing the matter to the officer in question. If a second request for removal is made, the officer in question will be given the opportunity to verbally argue their case at a meeting with the officers and the advisor. If deemed necessary, an improvement plan addressing the responsibilities and behavior of the officer may be established. If a third request for removal is made, a vote of the organization will be taken regarding removal of that officer. Two-thirds (2/3) of the current active membership must vote in favor of removal in order to remove the officer.

Article V


Amendments to the Constitution are made through a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the active members at a general meeting where quorum is met.

All amendments to the Constitution and bylaws are subject to the approval of the Office of Student Activities and Organizations and the Office of the Dean of Students. They MAY NOT take effect until they have been approved.

Article VI


The advisor is selected from among the members of the faculty. The PLA officers will identify and select an advisor from the Purdue faculty who conduct research in the field of linguistics. The appointment of the advisor will be approved by a majority of the PLA officers and will be completed by the registration of the organization in the fall semester. Advisors may not vote or hold office in the organization.

Article VII


The weekly coffee hour serves as an informal, regular meeting time with the general membership. The time, day, and location of this event will be distributed by the social chair at the beginning of each semester. No official votes may be taken at these coffee hours.

In the event a formal meeting with the general membership is necessary, the president will call a meeting and establish a date, time, and location. Members will have at least one week (7 days) notice of these events. In the event an official vote must be taken, a quorum must be met. Quorum is defined as 50% of the active membership listed on its official roster.


Date of Adoption: 7/23/2020

Date of Recognition: 7/23/2020

President's Signature: Kailey Preston

Advisor's Signature: Dr. Alejandro Cuza