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To recognize concretely and publicly the contributions that L2 writing professionals have made to our growing understanding of second language writing, each May issue of the JSLW presents the annual JSLW Award to the best article published in the previous year. The selection of the winners are based on voting by members of the JSLW Editorial Advisory Board.


Winner: Diane Pecorari. "Good and original: Plagiarism and patchwriting in academic second-language writing" (12.4).

Honorable Mention: Joy Burrough-Boenisch. "Shapers of published NNS research articles" (12.3).

Honorable Mention: Vaihedi Ramanathan. "Written textual production and consumption (WTPC) in vernacular and English-medium settings in Gujarat, India" (12.2).


Winner: Hiroe Kobayashi and Carol Rinnert. "High school student perceptions of first language literacy instruction: Implications for second language writing" (11.2)

Honorable Mention: Jan K. Buckwalter and Yi-Hsuan Gloria Lo. "Emergent biliteracy in Chinese and English" (11.4).

Honorable Mention: Robert B. Kaplan and William Grabe. "A modern history of written discourse analysis" (11.3).


Winner: Fiona Hyland and Ken Hyland, "Sugaring the pill: Praise and criticism in written feedback" (10.3).

Honorable Mention: Paul Kei Matsuda, "Voice in Japanese written discourse: Implications for second language writing" (10.1/2).

Honorable Mention: Dana Ferris and Barrie Roberts, "Error feedback in L2 writing classes: How explicit does it need to be?" (10.3).


Winner: Susan Parks. "Professional Writing and the Role of Incidental Collaboration: Evidence from a Medical Setting." (9.2).

Honorable Mention: Tim Ashwell. "Patterns of Teacher Response to Student Writing in a Multiple-Draft Composition Classroom." (9.3).

Honorable Mention: Miyuki Sasaki. "Toward an Empirical Model of EFL Writing Processes: An Exploratory Study." (9.3).


Winner: Vai Ramanathan and Dwight Atkinson. "Individualism, Academic Writing, and ESL Writers" (8.2).

Honorable Mention: Susan M. Conrad and Lynn M. Goldstein. "ESL Student Revision After Teacher-Written Comments: Texts, Contexts, and Individuals" (8.2).

Honorable Mention: Julio Roca de Larios, Liz Murphy, and Rosa Manchon. "The Use of Restructuring Strategies in EFL Writing: A Study of Spanish Learners of English as a Foreign Language" (8.1).


Winner: Richard H. Haswell. "Searching for Kiyoko: Bettering Mandatory ESL Writing Placement" (7.2).

Honorable Mention: Ryuko Kubota. "An Investigation of L1-L2 Transfer in Writing among Japanese University Students: Implications for Contrastive Rhetoric" (7.1).

Honorable Mention: Christine Pearson Casanave. "Transitions: The Balancing Act of Bilingual Academics" (7.2).


Winner: Dana R. Ferris, Susan Pezone, Cathy R. Tade, and Sharee Tinti. "Teacher Commentary on Student Writing: Descriptions and Implications" (6.1).

Honorable Mention: Diane Belcher. "An Argument for Nonadversarial Argumentation: On the Relevance of the Feminist Critique of Academic Discourse to L2 Writing Pedagogy" (6.2).

Honorable Mention: Ken Hyland and John Milton. "Qualification and Certainty in L1 and L2 Students' Writing" (6.2).


Winner: Kozue Uzawa. "Second Language Learners' Process of L1 Writing, L2 Writing, and Translation from L1 to L2" (5.3).

Honorable Mention: Joan Carson and Gayle Nelson. " Chinese Students' Perceptions of ESL Peer Response Group Interaction" (5.1).

Honorable Mention: Alister Cumming and Sufumi So. "Tutoring Second Language Text Revision: Does the Approach to Instruction or Language of Communication Make a Difference?" (5.3).


Winner: Shuqiang Zhang. "Reexamining the Affective Advantage of Peer Feedback in the ESL Writing Class" (4.3).

Honorable Mention: Puangpen Intaraprawat and Margaret S. Steffensen. "The Use of Metadiscourse in Good and Poor ESL Essays" (4.3).


Winner: Liz Hamp-Lyons and Sheila Prochnow Mathias. "Examining Expert Judgments of Task Difficulty on Essay Tests" (3.1).

Honorable Mention: Linda Lonon Blanton. "Discourse, Artifacts, and the Ozarks: Understanding Academic Literacy" (3.1).

Honorable Mention: Bob Weissberg. "Speaking of Writing: Some Functions of Talk in the ESL Composition Class" (3.2).


Winner: Pat Currie. "Entering a Disciplinary Community: Conceptual Activities Required to Write for One Introductory University Course" (2.2).

Honorable Mention: Carol Severino. "The Sociopolitical Implications of Response to Second Language and Second Dialect Writing" (2.3).

Honorable Mention: Sandra Lee McKay. "Examining L2 Composition Ideology: A Look at literacy Education" (2.1).


Winner: Terry Santos. "Ideology in Composition: L1 and ESL" (1.1).

Honorable Mention: Jane Stanley. "Coaching Student Writers to Be Effective Peer Evaluators" (1.3).

Honorable Mention: Gayle Nelson and John Murphy. "An L2 Writing Group: Task and Social Dimensions" (1.3).

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