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About Me

I am a Clinical Assistant Professor in Marketing at Krannert School of Management, Purdue University. I have been a life-long marketer who specializes in quantitative analysis. My work experience span diverse industries in several companies, e.g. Korea Telecom, Samsung Electronics, and dunnhumby, mainly as a marketing analyst. With the skills and work experiences as a marketing researcher & analyst, I joined Purdue Univeristy Krannert School of Management to share my experience at my alma mater.

As a marketing researcher and analyst, I was able to engage in many interesting topics during my professional career. Here are some of the links on some of the topics that you may find interesting.

Analytics Tools

Analytics Practice

Marketing Consulting Projects

Away from school, I like to watch sports, recently watching sports got a lot more interesting with advanced analytical tools. I would always have a smartphone or tablet by my side when watching a game and refer to team or player analytics.

Sports Analytics