Manufacturing for Extremes

Dr. Xiaoyuan Lou's Lab at Purdue University

Manufacturing for Extremes (ManuEx) Laboratory at Purdue University, directed by Dr. Xiaoyuan Lou, mainly focuses on developing advanced manufacturing methods and structural alloys for nuclear fission and fusion applications, where the components see high temperature, corrosion & oxidation, irradiation, complex loading, etc. Our research interest is exploring the manufacturing process-structure-property relationships in structural metals, and their roles in deformation, fracture, cracking and corrosion/oxidation properties in the extreme service environments. While the lab is mainly interested in the fundamental material science, we keep close ties to industry.

Current research in the Lab is categorized into the following areas: 1) metal additive manufacturing and additive alloy development; 2) structural alloys and composites for extreme environments; 3) high-throughput alloy discovery; 4) environmental fracture and cracking of structural metals in nuclear environments; 5) high-temperature mechanical properties; 6) corrosion, oxidation, radiation damages.