Manufacturing & Materials for Extremes

Dr. Xiaoyuan Lou's Lab at Purdue University

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Customized FormAlloy L2 DED Additive Manufacturng System
  • FormAlloy
  • High Energy Planetary Ball Mill
  • Ballmill
  • We have access to all the equipment in Purdue Manufacturing Research Institute, where a fleet of additive manufacturing equipment are located.
  • Material Processing Capabilities

  • Mellen High Temperature Furnace with Argon Protection (up to 1250 C)
  • Mellen
  • High Temperature Vacuum Tube Furnace (up to 1200 C)
  • Vacfurnace
  • Rolling Mill
  • Lab Scale Rolling Mill

    Material Testing Capabilities for Extreme Environments

  • Active loading stress corrosion cracking/corrosion fatigue testing systems instrumented with: (1) computer-controlled servo loading systems capable of 250 kN; (2) world-record high resolution DCPD crack growth measurement; (3) high temperature autoclave with excellent temperature control; (4) sophisticated water chemistry control systems;
  • HIP
  • Correlated Solution Digital Image Correlation System that is capable for high temperature test
  • DIC
  • KLA iMicro Nano Indentation System with: (1) InForce 1000 actuator to 1N force; (2) Continuous stiffness measurement; (3) 400C heater; (4) NanoBlitz fast indentation mapping; (5) 100KHz databurst data aquisition;
  • imicro
  • High-temperature Creep/Mechanical Tester with DIC strain mapping and induction heating
  • Creep
  • Gamry 600+ Electrochemical Testing System with: (1) Potentiostat/Galvanostat (2) 5 MHz EIS
  • Gamry


  • Sample Preparation Area
  • Prep
  • Powder and Hazardous Material Storage
  • Storage