Manufacturing & Materials for Extremes

Dr. Xiaoyuan Lou's Lab at Purdue University

"Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in." ------ Leonardo Da Vinci

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." ------ Albert Einstein

At Purdue University (2022-Present)

Spring Semester

NUCL 200 Introduction to Nuclear Engineering
The fundamentals of radiation science and radiation-material interaction

NUCL 597 Manufacturing and Materials for Modern Nuclear Reactors (2023)
Advanced materials and manufacturing methods are the backbone of the existing light water reactors and the ongoing development of advanced nuclear reactors. This course is designed to provide a comprehensive discussion of the material systems that are relevant to modern nuclear reactors, and the manufacturing methods to enable the reactor designs.

Fall Semester

NUCL 325 Nuclear Materials Lab
Testing and characterization of reactor materials, and reporting the observations

At Auburn University (2018-2022)

Fall Semester

MATL-3100 Engineering Materials - Metals (2018-2021)
The relationship among processing, microstructure, properties and engineering applications of metallic materials.

MATL-3101 Metallography Laboratory (2018-2021)
The use of characterization and testing tools to understand the relationship between thermal processing, microstructure and mechanical properties of metallic materials.

Spring Semester

MATL 5500/6500/6506 Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing (2019-2021)
Fundamental principles and applications of computer-aided simulation of transport phenomena in materials processing systems.

MATL 7050/7056 Deformation and Failure of Engineering Materials (2020-2022)
Theoretical presentation of the fundamental principles of deformation and failure in materials systems..

Summer Semester

MATL 5600/6600/6606 Corrosion (2020)
Fundamentals of environmental degradation of metallic materials, and discussion of corrosion mechanisms, tesing methods, and prevention.